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A few things 1 nothing is ever priced and no one is ever around to help then u look for help for 10 mins then u find someone they say your on ur own they can't help I have had to throw food away because I bring it home it is bad, I don't like to bring things back because of customer service so I through my food out instead thati pay high prices for I through out yellow potatoes other day because some were rotted some had cuts I just wished they go back to caring about customers then profits business need to make profits but they need to care about customers too they use to go out of their way too help not anymore sad but true

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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A few things-

1. Walmart has self-check scanners scattered throughout the store.

The business model does not allow for an excess of employees dedicated to customer help - thats why the "low" prices.

2. Don't purchase rotten food. If you buy produce that is obviously spoiled, that is a poor buying decision on your part.

3. You live in a hot and humid region.

That is not conducive to potato storage. Keep them in your vegetable crisper so they keep longer.