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We are regular customers at our neighborhood walmart and we have never been faced with any prejudice until today. My daughter, husband, and I went to buy a few groceries and when leaving, one of the store greaters stopped us.

I know that it is required to be stopped but the woman that met us in the front was extremely rude to us and I feel as if it were because we are hispanic. She stopped us and made us explain to her each and every item that we bought, I had no problem with that, but her attitude was completely out of line. We had bought litter for our cat and the women bombarded use with questions and almost was screaming at us that we had to go back and pay for it. When I explained to her that we had paid for the item and showed her the recipe, not only did she not tell us sorry but also she had more of a negative attitude than before.

When she made it obvious enough that we had not stole anything, she finally let us pass. But another woman with more items than us had pass by, the greeter just let her pass. They were both African-American, and my family and I are hispanic.

I honestly felt as if she pointed us out for our race and was judging use base on stereotypes. I will continue shopping but it is unbelievable that a walmart that has mostly minority shoppers has an employee that not only points me and my family out but that they made me feel as if I were less than them because of my race.

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Yes, Kevin Richards is a piece of work. He has a snarky, snide comment for everyone. Sad way to spend your life.


If people are going to make false cries about racism than they deserve rude comments. A sad way to spend your life is crying racism when things don't go your way. When you have to follow the same rules as everyone else, and if you don't get preferred treatment you are racist.


Quit playing the race card. More than likely the reason you were stopped is because the warning buzzer went off.

Sometimes those buzzers go off for no reason.


They should have checked the African American's as well because blacks steal the most. However to play the race card and to teach your daughter to play the race card is wrong.


i have a theory that more white people steal than get caught. that more people "watch" minorities (yes even minorities are suspicious of other minorities) than white people.

but it is proven that poverty plays a big role. to bad that morals cant break this. :( im suspicious of everyone. :) there are little tells people do when "committing" theft.

being in retail in a big city most of my working life and being lp i have seen almost everything. the ones that i dont like having to stop is big black ladies. when they have a purse (it hurts). i love them in any other setting but having to stop them of suspect of theft.

:) in some states the workers or owners of a store must "see the theft" and watch them the whole time and ask them "to stop" just before the door. sometimes just staring at a thief can get them to "leave" the item in the store. i love it when they do that. less paper work for me.

:) but im against "taking them on".

i ask and inform them i'll call the cops. but i will not call names and not "make a scene"


WOW Kevin Richards. So here you are saying they should have checked the African Americans because (enter stereotyping) "blacks steal the most" and then you castigate her for playing the race card.

LOL this is so laughable it's too bad it is seriously offensive. You probably work at Walmart.

I feel sorry for you. SMH


Only a six year old would ASSume that if someone is stating fact they work for Walmart,

. You really should check with mommy before posting and making a fool of yourself.

It does not matter where the theft is, blacks like to steal, from kmart, Walmart, your bike from the garage, your car, you name it. Posting the truth about blacks does not mean I work for walmart, Kmart or which other complaint I reply to.

Get mommy`s permission before posting kiddo because only a six year old would ASSume, that a person who tells the complainer they are wrong they work for the company. It is like me saying you are only bashing them because they called mommy when you were stealing gum and you got grounded.


what if they are half black and half white, does it cancel out?


depends on who raised them.