When I was little, I walked with my mom into my local Walmart to grab some groceries of course. Well, my grandmother had a broken leg at the time and we grabbed a motorized cart to bring out to her.

The greeter runs up to my mom and starts screaming at her and accusing her of stealing the motorized cart. Finally, we convinced her to let us go out and give it to my grandmother. We come back in the store, grandma in a bright pink cast, and the store greeter is STILL screaming at my mom even though we came back in towing my grandma on the cart and she obviously has the cast on. Finally, my mom responds "I don't like your attitude and I am informing your manager." The greeter responds with "I'M NOT TOO FOND OF YOUR ATTITUDE EITHER!!" We informed the manager about what happened...years later I still come into this Walmart and she is still a store greeter.

This is just ONE of the many horror stories I have about this store. If it's for groceries, I ALWAYS go to Sweetbay

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We still have greeters and they do have a tendency to attack customers for trying to take the electric carts and when they don't show a receipt.


We still have greeters. I call shenanigans on this post, though.

No way would someone wanting to keep their job do that.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota you ignorant B..I..T..C..H~! My store still has greeters they are there all hours of operation.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota you need to go back to using your alter ignorant ego ladyscot.

You don't know as much as you wish you did about walmart.

Like the site to store shipping you tried to tell someone when not everything can be shipped site to store. You're a ***CU..K..ING..***OO...L!


I'm 20 now and I clearly stated earlier that it happened when I was little. I live in Florida and it obviously isn't nationwide or she spends a lot of the time by the entrance because I see her there all the time. All I ever see there are motorized carts, not actual wheelchairs and obviously my grandmother couldnt walk.


I don't know where you live, but we no longer have door greeters here, and from what the manager of my WalMart told me, it is supposed to be nation wide. Actually the electric carts aren't supposed to be taken outside.

The carts here actually have signs on them stating that. You could have used a wheel chair to transport your Grandmother into the store.