Crestwood, Kentucky
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walmare gets my money 300.00 weekly and 400.00or 500.00 in deiser they are no longer letting truck drivers park in there parking lot i shop at carrollton ky walmart all truck drivers need tio boy cott there stores i will no longer shop there or my family will no longer shop there.we american truck druivers earn all living driving a truck now they are telling us that we are not inportant people so stand up for you rights. don,t shop there every again I WANT and i hope you don,t bites

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Parking.

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I may not spell everything right,but i am not ***,to those of you who think you are better then a truck drive,haul you own food,drive a semi and go get your own fuel.My husband is as good as anyone,he works very hard to make sure his load is where it is should be with goods for the consumer so if trying to park at walmart to get a couple hours sleep offends people to dam bad.


Walmart doesn't want us there anymore because of the damage big trucks have done to their parking lots. Yes it's unfortunate for us but you gotta see there are too many drivers out here, who just don't care.

They don't care in truckstops or at customers

either. I cannot blame Walmart...

how long should they tolerate damaged poles and disgusting P- bottles in their parking lot? :upset


Sorry about my previous post I have grudge against anyone that complains about my ghetto blue collar white trash company. Walmart used to let rvs park in their lots but we can't even pay our employees fair wages and won't promote employees like me that deserve more pay and a promotion. But since I get so many complaints from customers about my bad hateful attitude I am still a lowly bottom dweller.


Walmart is not a truck stop, and neither is Murphy Gas Station. Odds are neither business owns the parking lot. If you want to park go to a truck stop.


well, "ladyscot" though I found the post from crestwood KY. hard to read and gramatically fault ridden, his point was a good one.With all the restrictions on drivers today, we may not have a choice whether we want to stop or not, or even where.

to make a point though, what if wal-mart took all the bathrooms out of there stores, and said " We are not A rest area"? think about it bud!


Simon is an ignoramus.

My brother drives truck and I've heard numerous stories about how quickly truck stop parking lots can fill up. Get in a little too late and your s.o.l.

I myself have parked in Walmart parking lots in my SUV overnight on cross country trips. Walmart parking lots tend to be huge. And most Walmarts don't mind if you park at night in the back of the lot, and leave early enough in the morning before most shoppers arrive.

They are a great place to park because they're well lit they have security cameras and vehicles, and you can shop there as well. In fact I bought my ear plugs and sleep mask the block out all the light, at the Walmart I was parking at , as well as snacks and drinks, and a $15 memory foam bath mat that made sleeping on my hard SUV fold down floor much more tolerable.

Walmart does well to allow people to park there overnight when the parking lots are basically empty.


that's why there's truck stops and hotels/motels. last time I checked, you can't use a retail parking spot as a place to park when you're going to shop somewhere else or if you're just parked to stay the night.


It's not that big of a deal. I'm sure that you, an experienced truck driver, can find a truck stop or rest area along your route.


Jackie take your own advice you gave to Simon. They usually unload their stuff at the back where customer's cannot shop and park.

They have their own trucks. I think this usually happens early in the morning before the store opens or before it gets busy.



This person needs to keep the truck at home and get a car or van even.


First of all trucks take up lots of space, and second how did you pass the driving test with spelling and grammar like that?


Simon, get your head out of your rear. If it wasn't for truck drivers you couldn't shop at Wally Mart or any other store for that matter.

Who do you think fills those stores, the fairy? Get a grip on reality.

And yes, Walmart you need to get your head out of your rear as well. Unbelievable.


At the walmart I work for you can park your truck there but in the back or on the side of the store and it can't be for more than 24 hours I guess it just depends on the store, hope you have better luck on finding one that will do that.


In what reality does a Walmart parking lot in Kentucky fill up to the point that trucks (10 spaces large or otherwise) can't park overnight to catch a nap after shopping for *** (or delivering for that matter) in that Walmart. As long as they're a customer, they're worth the parking spots.

The "self-entitled princess" comment might be warranted if someone wanted to take up the entirety of handicapped parking or block the front doors with their semi, but as it is, I think Simon might understand what it is to be a self-entitled princess more than my upset and displaced truck driving friend.

Walk in another's shoes before you cast judgment - some people have to rely on a safe place to park just to get some rest. Walmart makes money from people who park in their lots.


Get a life. Your truck takes up 10 parking spaces.

You really think you're worth 10 customers. You are a self-entitled princess.