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Walmart straight talk service totally sucks! Little LG phone is okay, but the service is the worst ever!

I have lost I don't know how many days of service, how many dollars worth of their phone cards due to just plain *** service and clueless customer support people.

They are the very worst and their plans suck too. Only reason I bought one is cause my ATT phone won't work where I live. Do not waste your time and money with Straight Talk.

It's a straight shaft! Walmart and Tracphone deserve each other, but we don't deserve them.

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I too have used Straighttalk for about a year and love the service. I will admit it was a pain getting my number ported over to the new service and phone but after a couple of days it was done and the service has been great! My husband has just switched from T-mobile to Staighttalk as well and has really liked it.


I've used Straightalk for over a year now, and have not had any problems. They run on the Verizon network.


Then get a cell phone from a real wireless provider.