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We have been using Walmart ST phone since '08. About 3 mos.

into our serice the phone started messing up. For the next 3 mos. it would go back and forth from not being able to make calls or send txts or get on the internet. For 3 wks straight we couldn't make or receive ANY calls.

I thought it was a defect in the phone. I ask them to replace it. They made us go through a grueling ordeal with turning the phone off for a whole day @ a time. Then calling them from another phone 500 times.

They still said they wouldn't replace the phone. That it took time to reboot!! 3 MONTHS?!?! I even took it to Walmart, they didnt care.

They got their $ so I wasn't an issue they cared about! Well eventually it started working again. So we went on with our lives. We bought another phone when our daughter moved away so we could stay in contact.

It messed up right away...same ordeal but never worked again so we threw it away! 6 mos. later we bought yet another phone...this one lasted almost a year without one incident! Then it stopped woprking one day and would not come back only would show start up samsung page then go off and on.

After 3 weeks of fighting and threatening to goto Boost mobile,they finally agreed to send us a new phone. Not only did they send us the wrong phone that was a cheaper model, but every since weve had missing minutes on both our phone and our daughters!! They changed her phone number 5 times in 8 mos. They say its a glitch in the system!!

As with all theier other customes, we can NEVER get a Rep that speaks clear English!! They keep us on the phone for 45 or more mins @ a time!! But still manage to mess it up!!! This last time the woman was actually BOLD enough to suggest we were faking a payment with our credit card!!!!

She couldn't find prove of payment but our bank paid it 5 days earlier while it was still active. This company is ripping off the American public!! If we all stop going to Walmart for even just one day it will make a statement that we won't stand for this treatment and unfair business practices. Stores are regulated for price accuracy.

And if they score below 97% or so they get big fines!! So doesn't this qualify as inaccuracy?!?! Im going to BOOST. They have a plan that drops every 6 mos.

til it reaches $35! For life! Thats for unlimited everything!!! Plus walkie service!!!

Walmart has lost my business and alot of other as well!

Walmart is so "YESTERDAY" anyway!! Everybody knows that!!!

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Welfare my man, not well fair ;)


Walmart doesnt make the phones or manage the sewrvice, if you have a problem with ST it is exactly that...a problem with ST

:grin hahahaha you bought a straight talk phone dumb ***. theres ur problem right there. get a job stop living on well fair and buy a real phone.

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