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This complaint begins with Walmart. Walmart is the only carrier of Straight talk.

I ordered a new phone the last week of October from Straight talk wireless and trac fone wireless. The only service that works at my home is AT&T. I went into Wal-Mart to purchase the phone that I needed. There was a Straight Talk sales representative there that had no idea how to help me.

They did not have any phones that utilize the AT&T towers. However, the Walmart Employee took time to call Straight Talk and helped me to order a phone that the representative assured me was a phone that worked from AT&T towers. Both the Walmart employee and I asked over and over about the phone working from AT &T towers. It arrived on October 27th.

I had problems one time before transferring from one Straight Talk Phone to another. On Thursday November 9, 2017 after lunch I decided to try to have Straight talk switch my old service with them to the new phone. After the Straight talk Employee switched my phone he told me it was a phone that worked off of Tmobile towers. (Which as I have said won't work at my home.

I not only need my phone for work but my mother is very ill and my son is in the military and is stationed overseas. I can not be without my phone for a long space of time. ) The Straight talk employee continued by saying that he could only fix the problem by sending me a sim card that uses AT& T towers. That would take 2-3 days.

I asked him to change the phone service back to my old phone. He could not. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I asked him to have the sim card overnighted and he said that he would.

We finished the conversation at about 4:15. I asked the supervisor for his employee ID number. I asked him several times and he told me 3 different numbers. I felt like he was being totally dishonest.

I called again on Saturday and was given a pretracking number (9400110201864016313897), that does not have anything to do with my order. That means all day on Friday the warehouse never processed my order. Pretracking could go to anything or anyone. To recap, I was told on Sunday by a supervisor for Trac Fone when I called I was told my order was not put in until after five on Thursday (which was not true, it was even in their computer that I we finished up at 4:12 but was not entered in until 5:10 and the warehouse is closed at 5pm) Then nothing was done Friday.

The sim card still did not go out. Then I was told that the warehouse does not open on the weekend so my sim card still had not shipped. I was told I could buy another phone and they would ship that priority overnite. And take the chance that that would be the wrong tower phone again or wait until whenever they ship the right sim card or return the phone which takes 3-5 days plus time to mail a new one.

I am very upset at the outright lies that were told. I explained that the phone I received was not the correct phone and they should overnite me a phone that is correct if that is the quickest way, they refused. I have paid for service that I cannot use and have no idea when this sim card will be here because they have told me something different every time I call. Today is Monday and I called again to Trac Fone Corporate and was told by a manager (Luis emp # 540254) that I would just have to wait for the sim card that has not been shipped and I was not a priority.

I just want my phone to work.

I have names and employee numbers that I was given at every call if needed. Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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