Amherstdale, West Virginia

Walmart has taken ALL the benches out in the store so we can no longer sit to rest as we shop, They haven taken away the layaway..THEY DO NOTHING for us...Among all that ON MY GROCERY shopping visit today to Walmart I was informed that Walmart checkers NO LONGER ARE OBLIGATED to put your groceries in your buggy after they are bagged..Today she kept bagging and putting them on the wheel, them falling in the floor and everywhere, When I told her why is she doing it when they obviously needed in the cart she told me they were no longer allowed to do that. I asked management and he said, When the store is packed then NO they do not have to BUT Customer satisfaction came first.. BULL...

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First Born Triplet

How freaking hard is it to put your own bags in the cart, they are not your slaves.


There are stores around that provide those amenities, we go to one.

However, the prices are higher because of it. We are willing to pay more for a higher level of service. If you want Walmart prices, you have to accept Walmart services.

That's how it works, get over it.


Think about this: If the customer in front of you would have had their bags loaded for them you would be on here *** about having to wait in a long line or if we did have benches you would *** they were too hard....Whats next ?


It's a Wal-Mart. You don't go there for the service, you go there for the prices.

To offer you rock bottom prices, wal-marts have to constantly, under staff, under inventory, and pay their employees the absolutely legal minimum. They need to get you in and out of their store in the lease amount of time possible, with the maximum amount of stuff.

In high volume stores, cashier transactions are timed. That extra thirty seconds to load a cart, although a nice touch, doesn't move the line along and in the end benefits the store in no way. In the end, that thirty seconds could result in the cashier being written up or reassigned.

If you are looking for a higher level of service - don't shop at wal-mart. The low prices prevent the store from having the resources necessary to provide the level of service your desire.


I'm sorry Wal-Mart isn't a lounge. There are electric carts available if you aren't capable of walking a lap around the store.

I haven't been to a Wal-Mart that puts your bags in your cart in at least 10 years.

It sounds like your Wal-Mart is finally catching up to the rest of them. Putting your own bags in your cart isn't such a big deal. Stop being difficult and do it.

You sound like such a shopping diva. Stores should just roll out the red carpet for you, huh?

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