Altoona, Pennsylvania

I hate Walmart on a regular shopping day...but Black Friday (rather Thanksgiving Thursday) is horrendous. The 1-hour guarantee of a 32" Emerson TV (by means of a gift card) is a joke.

I will never do this again--probably never even shop at Walmart again. All that time wasted when we could have been shopping elsewhere. We waited in line for nothing!

I think you should be able to take your card into Walmart and be given the TV of your choice--any brand. That is the least they can do to compensate their customers for wasting their valuable time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $148.

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What kind of drooling imbecile would stand in line for hours for a fricking 32" Emerson TV anyway? How about spending that time at home with your family instead of standing out in the cold hoping to save $50 on a *** TV that probably won't last until the next Black Friday?


I love it when people say "I'll never shop at Walmart again."

First of all, Walmart won't miss you one bit.

Second, you'll be back in a week, shopping as usual.


Every who shops on Black Friday is a *** ***. Standing in line for hours to save $50 off a *** TV that nobody would be happy to get for Christmas.

Or how about wasting your time on a laptop that would be considered state-of-the-art in 2002? Black Friday is a marketing gimmick and only serves to prove that the average consumer is a G0DD@MN IDI0T.


:grin Plus walmart snoozed this year, dummys. wouldnt it have made more sense to give out a voucher to anyone that came up to an associate between 10-11 that had to then check out before midnight.

It most likely would have generated even more items being purchased rather then having us wait in a *** long line not spending more of our money on their items.

shhhiet put me in charge dummy move. unless it was just to clear the store a bit to make it easierfor people moving through the store idk


Most people knew the deal, the tv is most likely gonna break down after a year of use. Anyway I agree with what you said about the 1 hour deal card being a joke i like the idea but poor execution.

The cashier I checked out with didn't do her job right and they expected me to pay more money for her mistake. Just tax but still wtf!


Your joking arent you ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!