Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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In 3 days, I've been to 3 Walmarts in Atlanta, GA. The first time at Cascade.

The second time on Cleveland Avenue to exchange goods that were torn or incorrectly packaged that I bought at Cascade. The third time on Hwy 85 top exchange goods incorrectly packaged that I bought at Cleveland Avenue. At the final location, Hwy 85, I used the restroom. 1 out of 4 stalls was working and that one was covered with toilet paper and other debris.

What did I learn? Walmart is NOT the store for me. The managers at the last two stores were courteous but the staff was rude and provide extremely POOR customer service. Now, all you Walmart shoppers out there, I get it.

You have no consideration for your personal service. You could care less about product quality. You'll buy anything cheap. Walmart distributes goods made in El Salvador, Thailand, Honduras, and China.

I got NOTHING made in America. This is why you cannot make a living here because you're just a consumer with no sense of quality control. You get what you pay for.

Therefore, I will refrain from ever entering another Walmart. I'll let you ignorant consumers fill the bank accounts of the Walton family that spends your money and sits around their board table laughing at your stupidity.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $80.

Preferred solution: Close these stores or improve the quality of your products and customer service..

Walmart Cons: Staff, Products, Bras, Leggings, Food.

  • Incorrectly Packaged
  • Wrong Sizes
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You are the one that went to three Walmarts. Go back to Florida and stay there.


You're on the wrong side of town. Not all Walmarts are like that, and not all Walmart consumers are ignorant. Apparently, it's just you.