Bridgeton, New Jersey

The Lebanon walmart super center in pennsylvania is horrible. many of them have very bad attitudes just go work go home.

You go in there and most of then are just talking sitting around not doing anything. They have mite brakes then work. Then its more if the less you do there the higher up you will go. The hard workers that really care about the customers they let go.

I worked for WalMart tool a few weeks ago in my first 3 months.they'd I had learned over 10 depattments. I was never agnolaged. I still have to go there to shop and I have to tell there cashier how to do things and find items. They have the employees sign papers basically saying they can't get sick cuz then they can lose there jobs.

My aunt works there and is 61 and told her not to get sick for 6 mouthed cuz she can't call in but yet she had like over 3weeks of paid sick days still like wtf. they ate always firing people with doctors notes and all they don't even let pregnant employee s sit with a doctors note. They are very dirty. I myself was pregnant went back nights part time then the manager passed away and they stop putting me on the schedule I kept trying to go back for 6 monthsbefore they let me go cuz I would go back yo clean toilets.

try and collect they fight it off they do that to all employees and if you fight and prove them wrong they give you hush money. All WalMart cares about is money not the customers or there workers. They are suppose to price mach but only some do it others always say no in there.

When they price wrong they are suppose to give you the price and they fight you and keep it the way it is. They are all ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Hey, Roger, don't bash all PA people based on one ***. I'm from Scranton.

Despite being very ill, I go to work, do my job to the best of my ability, treat my coworkers with respect, mind my own business, and thank God that I have a job to support my children. Please do not generalize.

It makes YOU look like you have a bad attitude. Thanks.


first of all kiss my *** i was writing fast and with my cell and 2 I'm living in PA now put not from here and when it comes to work I enjoy working and getting *** myself not having *** given to me and no i dont have a bad attituse ehrn it comes to work but yes i do see most people out here do and no i dont support union and not all walmarts do that i see people from there everyday and see people cry cuz they are getting all but 8hrs every 2 weeks or no hours i bust my *** everyday when i was there i didnt say well sorry its time to go home let the next person help you i would stay help and then get yelled out for helping and not just leaving them every walmart is not the same and when they are trying to close one day they do the bull *** they are doing now so idk and dont care just not letting comment one rock so whatever i said how i felt about them and thats that :(


I will be contacting CYS. Based on your grammar and spelling, your baby is in danger of becoming a *** like you.


I think in general people in Pa. have a bad attitude.

As for you , you probably support unions and thats why you are mad at Wal_Mart. I work with people from Pa. Ohio and West Virginia everyday and Pa. people *** the most and are least friendly, not all of them.

So yes it's the employees like you. So in essence you're giving yourself a hardtime over nothing. I have family and friends who work at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club.

Great pay , benefits and pick your hours pretty much. They even throw parties after hours from time to time for employees and family to show their appreciation.