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Every single time I try to return anything here it is like I am going through prison, their prices are sky-high depsite advertising the lowest prices around, their stores are always crowded and there are never enough lines open.Today I went in and there were only a few lines open on both ends and a crowd of people waiting to be checked out.

I saw quite a few associates in line paying for stuff. I told one of them that they should be working and not buying *** and they told me that they were on their break with a bit of an attitude. I told them that they have no right to be on break with the store crowded like this and that is my money they are using to pay for their ***. The lady who checked me out wasn't very friendly either and I let her know it.

Worst service ever.

Walmart associates are a bunch of losers who can't find real jobs.I am also reporting everyone I saw today!!!

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Orange, California, United States #900255

Who are you reporting to, mommy, I sure hope so so she can make you apologize to everyone you were rude to.You even get breaks in school, it is called recess.

If they deal with unsupervised like yourself they deserve breaks, and if by chance you are over seven they deserve breaks from having to deal with adults acting like spoiled brats. She obviously has no job because if she did she would not be acting like a seven year old and throwing a temper tantrum.

She also needs to know breaks are required by law.Whether this person is seven or an adult acting like a child she has to grow up.

Orange, California, United States #900252

Also if I were on break and some seven year old told me that I should be working and not buying stuff I would give attitude as well.

Orange, California, United States #900251

When you are old enough to work you will know that by law you are entitled to breaks.If they are on their break they are not required to help you.

Why did mommy not explain this to you?Was mommy even there with you?


Ah, you're one of THOSE customers. The *** customers that think the long check out lines and limited open check out stations are OUR fault, along with the unstocked shelves and prices of merchandise. Here's some advice: Go *** yourself.


I work at Wal-Mart and I am not a loser!I pay my bills!

You just need to get over yourself!The world does not revolve around you nor does it care!


I work at a Walmart and I am not a loser I bust my hump.Walnart has a policy where your not allowed to work off the clock.

Get off your high horse.

I make over 13 dollars a hour.Domt talk about my job like im beneath you.


You do know by law all employees must get breaks. Get over it. There are labor laws in this country

Downers Grove, Illinois, United States #722997

As a walmart employee, I have heard the same thing, "you have no right to be on break with the store this crowded." Have you ever stopped to think that they were sent on break before it got extremely busy? I have been told that multiple times, and each time I was sent on break when I was scheduled to, and when the store was not extremely busy. There were couple people in each line, and when I got back we had long lines.

To get to the point, cashiers go on break when they are sent, they have very little to no say of when they are sent On their breaks

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #679313

1 800 Walmart could care LESS about the consumer.I have talked with supervisors at national headquarters and there attitude is RUDE and their knowledge is poor at best.

Walmart has got big and now everything is bottom line and the consumer is treated rude by their employees, managers and corporate personnel.:(

Best to shop somewhere else.


Poor fortune 500 walmart can't afford to hire more cashiers and managers won't schedule more because it cuts into their bonuses.

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