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In this day and age, bullying and verbal abuse should not be tolerated, not in our schools, and certainly not in businesses where we are walking into their doors to give them money - NOT the other way around!

My husband, a reverend, and my son went into our local Walmart to buy a can of spray paint and a birthday gift for my daughter. That's it.

My son saw a girl who hit on him the last time he was in there. She gave him her number.

It had been a long day, and my men were pretty tired. My son sat on a bench to rest and, because he has some really good manners, waited to say hello to the girl.

Then the supervisor ran over and cursed and screamed at my teenage son. I'm not talking about 18 or 19 years old, but underage teenager! My husband ran over to see what the matter was. I admire my husband because he handled it so well. He simply asked for the guy's name, but he was so belligerent, he screamed at my husband and son that the girl felt uncomfortable, so he and my son were not allowed to speak with the customers AT ALL! Curse words were flying out of his mouth.

When my husband spoke with the manager of the store, the manager screamed at my husband. I didn't have to listen in. She yelled and screamed at the top of her lungs at a man of God.

My husband is the sweetest, kindest man, and my son takes after him. My son is interested in simply making friends. Has humanity degenerated that much that a person can't simply say hello to another person without getting bullied and verbally assaulted by a representative of a corporation?

I think it's time consumers stand up and take charge, and not put up with this abusive treatment any longer. If Walmart will do this to a Reverend, a man who prayed for me during my difficult pregnancy and healed me, saving my life, then there's no end to the abuse they are willing to dole out.

We PAY THEM money, not the other way around, yet we get mistreated every time we're there. NO MORE! We'll be shopping at stores who actually appreciate our business and our money.



Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Verbal assault on my teenage son.

  • terrible walmart service
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Sorry, I don't believe you. This never happened this way.

Either it's completely fabricated or greatly exaggerated.

I have seen some of the most obnoxious people ever claiming to be religious. Religious people scare me.


Religion or no, I have experienced something like this too. Maybe the person who posted shouldn't have made it about religion, but I can see what she's saying.

I know that Walmart, and the head manager there is really nasty. I could see this lady doing this because I have seen her do it to others. There are some really nice people there too, but often, they have to go through the same thing this lady went through. Don't be so judgmental about people's beliefs.

She's allowed to be believe whatever she wants. You should ask yourself why you hate people who believe in something higher, and why you are so prejudiced against them.


I worked at about 7 walmarts and the managers treat customers as well as vendors and hourly very bad even while wearing name tags they call out hey you dr.pepper guy get over here..when they made a mistake on the price of display over $2.00 when I mention the consumer was purchasing because of the price on the display and would he talk with that consumer they wouldn't even say anything to him left him standing there rude as a vendor when I mention an issue of that kind she shouted you may want to get the *** out of my store and then call her security all the while shouting get out as I walked ahead of her as fast as I could. Dallas,Tx Store# 3406


I worked at Walmart for 8 months, 8 months to long. Walmarts are the portals to ***, they will work you to death and try to get every last ounce of what energy you have left to give.

there were nights I got home, I could barely get out of my car, my feet and legs hurt so bad.Management does not care about you whatsoever. Any problems you may be having with a terrible support manager who think they rule the world with this title and talk to you like a slave. Customers who are so lazy, they do not want to look for products themselves, they want you to hold them by their morbidly obese hand and take them right to it. If you enjoy being depressed or so sick mentally and if you enjoy doing brainless mundane jobs day after day this is the place for you.

I HATED EVERY MINUTE OF IT, I WOULD RATHER SLIT MY THROAT THAN EVER WORK HERE AGAIN!!!! Please ban Walmart stores they treat their employees like slave labor, you cannot live on 9 bucks an hour have an apartment or make a car payment. This stores markets to people who weigh 4,5,6, hundred pounds and don't think anything of it.

White trash who do not discipline their kids, when they are screaming or act like they don't care what is wrong with their own child.They will come in and destroy the store opening packages of curtains, sheets or what ever they can get their hands on, they will then throw this off to the side for one of the employees to put away, this is what you do all day long.They don't care, they are ignorant, uneducated and do not care what they look like.Seeing this all day long makes you sick.You get to the place mentally that you can't do this anymore, this was the worst job I have ever had, my name would never be on this store, I would be so ashamed. Thanks for letting me vent, I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.


Yes, this is the point. Thanks aliens.

We are trying, but the corporation really doesn't care. We have escalated the complaint to the home office, and the home office hasn't even gotten back to us yet. From what I read, their employees have complained about the same thing. It's frustrating, because it feels like we have no power over a multi-billion dollar company.

The only way I see the consumer being able to do anything at all is to simply stop spending money with them and give them their worst Christmas season ever, and then maybe they'll start getting it. Hit them in the wallet. They might start caring what the consumer thinks and feels.

I'll be looking elsewhere for a majority of what my family needs. When I secure other resources to buy my stuff, there will be no going back to Walmart, ever.


Then you'll be responsible for all the actual innocent workers loosing their job, how *** Christian of you.




No if they start losing money maybe WM will get the message and straighten. You can control them with your money because that is all they really care about.


Regardless of your status (i.e. doctor, reverend, etc.

-- hint that doesn't really matter) customers should be treated like customers. I'd never stand for being verbally abused as a customer in any store, or anywhere else for that matter.

Stand up for yourself, go over management's heads and raise ***. Simple solution.


Yeah, well, the post was only to show that my husband, who spends his life in service to others, was screamed at unjustly. A dear, sweet person who doesn't wish harm on anyone.

It was never about status.

Also, as stated before, we have complained. Walmart has been ignoring us so far, so our only option is to find other places to do our shopping until they repair the damage.


I think that's awful. I'm tired of abusive customer service too, and have experienced what you have experienced.

Corpo rations jus dont care anymore, and they don't appreciate it when we spend our money with them. I think people should ban a business for a little while if they don't tr eat you right and bring your cashmoney elsewhere.


The bible is nothing more than a *** fairy tale, why would grown *** adults believe in a fairy tale, are you that delusional? I feel sorry for your family and the people who go to your so called church, you have them all brainwashed.


This isn't about your religion. It's about. Customer service


Geeze, it's right there. You walk into a store.

The supervisor bullies the teenage son, the manager verbally abuses the father. That's part of customer service, how the staff treats you when you walk into the door.


I'm sorry, but it is not a fairy tale. It is a book that brings hope to a miserable world and has saved many people...unlike the religion of atheism, wherever it has been tried (usually in the form of communism) has resulted in more deaths and oppression than any type of government in the history of the world.