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walmart survey is not true. I was at a local walmart today to pick up a perscrition and the girl said I was picked to do a survey and could win one of five $1,000 walmart shopping cards.

Went on line to do the survey and was halfway thru the survey when it said there was a problem and kicked me out completely. Don't waste your time, I do believe this is bogus.

I like shopping at walmart but will never fall for that again. Please don't offer scams like this to customers, it makes us mad.

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Don't believe your going to win anything. what you will get when you fill out anything

will get lots of calls trying to sell you products you don't want or need. you have to fill each area or you can't go to next is truely a =great waste of time.

no money!!!!!!


I have seen this survey on WalMart receipts and have gone to the website to take it. It is valid, but your chance of winning a grand is between zero and next to zero.

The odds are worse than playing a state's lottery.

Walmart is just trying to get an idea of customers' perceptions based on the store they shopped at. If you want, just answer all the questions any which way---that's the best method for company's surveys anyway.

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