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I WAS ON the internet and found a ad from Walmark that said if Iparticipated in theif survey and purche 2 items at the end of the survey I would recive a 1,000.00 gift card.Well i did everything I was supposed to do and they sent me a email saying my address was wrong,which it wasn't. I went back to the survey and the same thing happend.Idid all I WAS supposed to do so Walmart owes me a 1,000.00 gift card but they won't pay up.Why not? ellenf50@yahoo.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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The police just called me and said I am an ***. They told me a websites admin will not give out ip addresses to anyone. They told me to shut my mouth or I would be the one who will go to jail.


What is going on here? Oh yeah it is

"trolling and hating". lol


The police said that I am not allowed to post your info online since they are investigating you.


Everyone! Why does this "***" not make any sense? Come on guys, let your fingers do the talking.


What state am I in? Can you at least start there?


Also, who is the administration and what is an IP address?


Tell us that info. I am sure we all want to know.


Well I never made any grammar mistakes. Tasha edited my posts to make me look bad.

Sean/Truth you are "the difference" and "to Defend Tasha" the admin told me all "three" of you have the same IP address. I now have your address, phone number and know where you work.


One more thing. Notice how I like to point out my own grammar "screw-ups". I misspelled through on my 4th line.


Hey, this is Sean/truth. I am flattered by the fact that something about my writing style is striking nerves with you guys.

However, Sean/truth is me--Sean/truth. Go through my comments in all of the reviews I partake in. I am way to apologetic to be anyone else but me(and me alone). I can rip peolple apart and build them up "all in a days work".

Also, compare the styles of content. Seperate personalities scream thruogh the two styles.

Later. Be cool.


I gave looked into you "the difference". I have told the police about my concerns about you being a pdeophile.

They are checking you out. They will check out your computer an know about the secret relationship you had with Tasha.

Then soon you will be in jail and be Bubba's Boyfriend. Did you know that having a sexual relationship with Tasha is pedophellia and being a *** is illegal?


Actually, the reason that "the difference" is leaving the argument is because he knows he lost. He is a big coward.

He likes to pick on women. I am a woman, he is a man and he is a big coward for picking on me online. I have reported him to the police and soon they will arrest him and he will be in jail and raped by the other prisoners. That is what they do to men who pick on women.

He does not even have the guts to admit he is Sean/truth. Well the IP addresses of Sean/truth, the difference, and To defend Tasha all match. I know what state, they live in and even their street address and house number.

I wonder why the difference is so inclinded to defend a 13 year old. I know why, the userr "the difference" is a ***.


What I think is the person writing under "to Spell Cop Tasha, used the handle "the difference" on one occassion to make Tasha look bad. I have seen her posts and she does look bad.

Tasha is supposedly 13 but she is not the only one acting 13. The reason the difference is not responding to you is because you are behaving like a 13 year old yourself.


You are wrong. I know how to spell lier.

I checked the dictionary for lier and lieing and you are wrong. Unless Tasha edited the dictionary as well. All your posts are BS the difference.

See Tasha edited my handle and used yours. See how tricky she is.


Okay, whatever you win. Though I just checked the dictionary and you misspelled liar and lieing.

You want to assume I am sean/truth without proof go ahead. This is my last post to you.


I suggest you look in a dictionary, difference. The word is spelled lier.

Not liar. Also I know the true reason you stopped arguing with me.

It is because you know you are wrong. You know you are lieing about not being sean/truth when you actually are.


Okay, so I supposed Tasha edited your post and misspelled "liar" for you right and spelled it "lier" so you look bad. I am through arguing with you. You are no better than Tasha here.


First of all lier, you don't have the guts to admit that you are sean/truth as well. Also I did not use the title "actually". I did post the post under that name but Tasha changed the title to make me look bad.


Tasha is quick to point out errors but she makes just as many herself. The last 3 posts are BS.

NO ONE can edit a post!


First of all I am not sean/truth. He is simply another person.

Second, I admit that I have used the title to defend Tasha, and the Difference. However I have not used sean/truth. He is a second person. Just to make it more simple for you from now on I will use the handle.

"The difference." Would not want to make things too complicated.

Furthermore you are telling me to stick to one handle, however you are using the handles. "To Tasha The Spelling Cop, and actually.