Tupelo, Mississippi
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We were there in Walmart in New Albany Ms. We waited 4 hrs to get the 32" orion.

When we left at 10:45 we asked about the 50" that was to go on sale at 5am. No one knew anything. The 50" was our main concern. So we ran our tv home and came back around 12:30 am and was advised that at 11pm all the vouchers were given away.

We could have gotten one in 15 minutes had we known. This is not fair my any means. I will not let this rest!!!!! I will post a complaint here and every board that I can find including corporate office until i am satisfied.

Oh and to top it off some of the other stores gave out vouchers for the tv because it was sold out and the customers complained.

We were not given that option!!!!

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So what good do you think all your complaining will do? I would be willing to bet other stores did exactly the same as the one you went to.

From what I have been told all the stores have to do what the other does. I'm sure they were all given the same amount of vouchers.

If the store runs out of vouchers, what do you expect them to do, wave a magic wand and pull one out of a hat. All I can say is it must be nice to be able to afford to buy two TVs at the same time, no matter how cheap they are.