Las Vegas, Nevada

I went to Walmart Monday night after work to look at the swimsuits on clearance. I found a couple to buy along with shirts and some groceries.

When I got to the register one swimsuit bottom wasn't ringing up as marked so the cashier had to get the manager to come over. She looked at the swimsuit and said she would have to go check it out. I waited at least 10 minutes for her to come back. She asked me if I got it in the swimsuit section.

I told her no its in the clearance section with other swimsuits. She rolled her eyes and with attitude told the cashier give it to her, I guess. I paid for the rest of my stuff and left. When I walked out the first set of doors the theft prevention guy walked out of the room off to the side and started screaming and cussing at me in my face.

He was saying that what I was doing was theft and stealing money, and if I came back in that store he would call the cops. I have never been treated like this in my whole life. I was so upset that I could barely drive home.

They were extremely hostile and abusive. This was really embarassing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Let's just pretend like this really happened.


Swim suits shouldnt be on clearance until after the summer, so in august or September.


They were not, she admitted to placing them on the clearance rack herself and claiming she found them there after walking back ten minutes later.


Wow. I can't believe you don't think what you are doing is wrong.

You got the treatment you deserve. What if your employer used that type of thinking. What if you agreed to $20 per hour to work there than they thought you were you charging too much because they thought your work quality was worth less and gave you a pay check showing that you only made $10 per hours instead. Though you agreed to work for one price but they change it to another because they felt it was fair to them.

Would that be right and fair to you? According to your way of thinking it would be.

If you don't like their prices shop somewhere else. If there is no where else, than shop online for cheaper prices.

You're a theft plain & simple. And i hope you get caught & band from the store.

And this is coming from a woman who grew up extremely poor. If my mother would have done what you did i would would have no respect for her. But i have the highest of respect for hwr.

She taught me to work hard and honestly for what you want And i have have.

Now can buy anything i want for me & my kids no matter the price.

I really hope you don't have kids cause you're the worst kind of parental guide.


Not only that but he said that he saw me put the swimsuit in the clearance section, go back ten minutes later and find it there. He said that I do this all the time.

The issue is all swimsuits should be on clearance, and that is why I put it on the clearance section. I was not doing it to pretend it was there all along. I went back ten minutes later because I had to use the washroom. Besides this is not theft.

I do this all the time place it where they have lower prices because their prices are ridiculous. This is not theft, I am still paying for the items, just not full price because sometimes I don't have enough money. I told him that I am paying clearance prices and this is not theft, he said I am still committing theft because I am not honest when I place items elsewhere and try to claim it was there and get it for that price. I even offered to pay full price, but he still said this was theft and would not let me correct my mistake.

Not that I did anything illegal anyways. I have contacted a lawyer, but he is afraid of walmart and won't take my case and said it is theft. I contacted another lawyer and he said the same thing but we can come up with a defense to let me off. Even if it is theft.

I did not know it was illegal to put something on clearance and then get it for clearance and pretend I found it there.

I thought it was theft only if you did not pay for it at all. Anyone else have any more details about this?


It is not stealing and it is not against the law. You are right.

But it is not illegal, but just wrong, and you cannot go to jail for it or get arrested.

He was wrong, but you cannot sue because you were not handcuffed or taken to jail. But It is dishonest to do what you did.


What is wrong with you people. You could go to jail for this.

Yeah she can go to jail, and get arrested for this.

Both you and the OP are idiots and thieves if you think that this is acceptable. You are right it is not technically theft, it is fraud.


Leave Aiden alone he's ten. That is if he is the same person that posted under Fine Young Aiden, the province and city at least show that he is the same Aiden, or possible the same Aiden.


Okay if he is ten then I take that comment back. He is just a child and does not know better.

I apologize for calling him an ***. However the OP is still an ***. I am not a monster, I had no idea that Aiden was just a child.

How could I, I have seen people as old ad 17 type *** on Twitter and Youtube and thought that they did not teach spelling and grammar these days. But the OP is an adult and should know better.