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Hate Walmart Superstores they run other groceries stores out of town so you have no choice but to buy there. Shevlves do not stay stocked so I leave there mad every time I go.

At least 7 items short in grocery items each visit and they keep replacing stuff with their brand .I want my choice brand not the nasty stuff that is not any cheaper for long. Can't find anyone to help me or if I finally do they don't know where to find the item. Things are anyways moving around so you have to waist time hunting it down. Items are not where the should be logically.

Have purchased gifts in electronics that turned out to be a waist of money on junk. My husband purchased a tablet computer for me at Walmart late year made sure it had a camera *** sales girl did not tell him it was a selfie camera only. Now why would a fiftyish woman like me want a selfie camera? I want to take pic's of my grandchildren not myself .

In my experience half the people there as new employees are not trained or just plain untrainable as I watched one smash a lot of egg's while attempting to stock them using no common sense and stacked the rolls of tools so when you reached for the top one all the others went flying all over smashing other foods below or landing on floor.

Service and quality has gone down since it changed to super Walmart. Loved it before that when it was just Walmart.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Really? Someone dropped some eggs (if that is even what you were saying as I could not make out the rest of your paragraph)... That is called an accident.