Lexington, Kentucky
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Ordered tablet for my granddaughter birthday. 9-18 placed order paid for shipping upgrade to get it early.

9-23 still said processing. Never shipped. Called and had to speak to different people. Nobody could give an answer.

I've been calling since days before. Everyone said it'll ship. They will look into it. Call back later.

Finally after an hour on the phone 9-23. Three way call between Jessica and a corporate guy named Wayne. He was on his cell and loosing service. Told her to tell me he would call me back in 30 minutes.

But to cancel the order and do another one. Well I won't have it by her birthday. They had to refund my order and charge me again. Never got the refund.

And it's 10-2. Talked to over a half dozen people. Cancelled the other order. And Wayne never called.

So I've been led on and lied to still to date. No refund yet. Every day I call. Somebody says 24 hours.

Nope lies lies lies. Reported to B.B.B to get my money. Had this problem before on two other orders. They even blamed FedEx.

Funny thing. It never left the warehouse. Do not order from Walmart. You'll be sorry and robbed of your money like I have.

And good luck getting it back. Like me.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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The worst part of all of this was she cried on her birthday, I had to tell her that I did not give her a birthday gift because I was angry at her. Sure I saved money because of their fault, I got a refund, and since her birthday party was today I was forced to tell her that I did not get her a gift because she made me angry.

Her mother then asked me to leave the party, MY OWN DAUGHTER betrayed me and asked me to leave my granddaughter's party. I said she is a big girl, she should not be crying over the gift. Her mother said it was not the gift she was crying over but hurtful words, they agreed Walmart messed up and refused to take my side though and said I was out of line by saying my granddaughter would not get a gift because I am angry at her.

You are loosing them as customers as well. Only my granddaughter is foolish enough to continue shopping there, and that is because she has friends working there and shopping there and thinks she is being cool.


If they gave you your money back, you were not ROBBED of your money.