Hickory, North Carolina
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They sell product replacement plans and they really dont go into full detail about the fine print. The whole point of buying that type of plan you shoule be able to replace it; instead of having go threw the manufacture.

Walmart is taking people money on these *** plans they sell whae you by a Tv of a game console. What a rip off Im done buying eletronics from the place.Why sell a plane to some one when they cant replace the item like they are suppose too.

People work hard for their money. Not want to blow it

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Walmart takes too long for checkout!!!

Only 2 out of 24 registers open!!!

45 minutes lost!!!



Look on your brochure. It clearly states the repl begins after the manufacturers labor portion of their warranty expires. lol


That is why YOU read things before you agree to them/purchase them. Guessing by your spelling and grammar, you are probably 9 years old. It's a good lesson to learn while you're this young.


The issue you seem to have is not with the fact that Walmart is selling the plans but with an employee who was unable to explain that the replacement plans go into effect after the manufacturers warranty ends. This is in fact in your benefit.

Yes you have to go to the manufacturer while under warranty but you get a longer time to replace your item in the long run. Next time get more information before leaving the store.