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I waited checked in and all here in colorado online. Waited refeshed constantly.

At exactly 101 am suddenly I cant and never did get a purchase bar for the 125.00 I will never buy from walmart online or in store again I am officially boy cotting u. What a rip off. I must have refreshed 500 times... shame on u walmart.

Do u really need to run a scam. I was a very good customer but I feel scamed. I will never participate in another one of ur black friday ads again. I wasted 3 hrs online.

Made me tired for thanksgiving... u suck!!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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It's called black Friday because it supposed to help black people. Quit whining, you crackers have all the $$$$$$


It's not their fault. They only have a certain number of that product.

When They sell out they are SOLD out. Period. Ever think it could be your computer that was not allowing the purchase bar to load? If you had gotten in line at the actual store, there was a 1 hour guarantee sale from 6-7pm and you would have been guaranteed that item.

On top of that, *** happens. Get over it.

You should never trust technology to work the way it is supposed to. Just because you didn't get what you want doesn't make it the company's fault.

to Anonymous #1070242

No. My 2 daughters were online at the same time and the exact same things happening to them.

2 phones and 1 computer.

Wishful thinking. New did pop up with a sold out!!

to Anonymous #1070248

Hey anonymous the point wasnt that I didnt get it because it was SOLD OUT! This isnt their first ONLINE black friday ad.

My daughter had the product in her cart but couldnt pay for it because of the glitch or whatever. THATS WHAT IS THEIR FAULT!!

While yes going down there would have gotten me one. Thats not what ONLINE IS!!!!


I had the same thing happen to me. I thought their "whole black Friday ad is available online Thursday Morning." B.S.

Had it said, "Sold Out Online", I would have been pissed, but understood. All I ever got, all day, was "not available online. Check in stores."

What's worse, I had two items in my cart that I also wanted to get. But I couldn't get into my cart to Check Out.

So I called into customer service, and kept refreshing and trying to get in.

On the phone, customer service said my wait time to talk to a representative was 32 minutes, at 2:30, when I called in. At 5:20, when I finally was able to complete my purchase, I hung up. Because my wait time was still 16 minutes.

Thankfully my mother-in-law, two states away, had the chance to get the tv in store last night, and did.

But now my present for my kids is 600 miles away, and I have to haul that blunderbuss home at Christmas.

That should make packing easy.


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