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Terrible customer service in Burlington NC...tried to return a item (had receipt & it was before the 90 day mark). Lady looked ill already as soon as I got up to her.

I was told since I didnt have the bar code on the product that had to go around the store and find the same item!!! It was a swim vest so I was pretty sure there were no more but I spent 15 minutes luck..and no luck finding a employee to ask. Finally I saw a lady on clearance aisle so I asked her about product..she said most likely was not any left BUT I COULD RETURN THE ITEM!! By then Im frustrated and walk back up to customer service..and my luck..same mean lady there..I politely told her that I coild return this item & that I did not appreciate wasting my time when she could have EASILY scanned my receipt and gave me my money back!!

She had nothing to say at all and still had nasty attitude!!

I keep saying I will STOP SHOPPING AT WALMART AND I THINK THIS TIME I ACTUALLY WILL. Not that the company cares but I will spend my hard earned money somewhere else!

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Someone should tell this three year old that they need the barcode to scan the item to return it. The receipt will not help since it does not have the price of the individual item.

Also someone tell the "mean" employee it is dangerous to send a three year old wondering in the store all alone to look for the swim vest by herself. I know the child came into the store alone, but she should have alerted the police and had this child's parents charged with neglect.

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