Milton, Wisconsin
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There are two WalMarts in my area (s.e. Wisconsin), both perpetually out of stock on numerous basics -- last year they were out of loose garlic for months.

Neither has had Great Value Tomato Puree since last June. At Christmas I needed molasses to make cookies and was told they no longer stock it. Shopping their online site in no solution because they are out of even MORE items on line, over-priced by 30%, or want you to buy in quantities even a restaurant would have difficulty using -- like unsweetened cocoa powder, which now only ships in quantities if 4 containers, roughly a 2 to 4 year supply. I have come to loath and avoid this store -- it's like shopping in the old Soviet Union.

And now they have cut way back on cashiers and want you to check out and back your $100 worth of groceries yourself.

When they do have something, the price is good -- but not good enough to justify the extra time it takes going to another store to finish my order. Easier to start at a better store and get it all in one swoop.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Out of half the stuff ALL the time..

Preferred solution: Get your act together. Either you're a grocery store or you're not..

Walmart Pros: Prices, Friendly personnel.

Walmart Cons: That they are chronically out of basic items.

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It sounds like the reason they don't have the items you are looking for is that they have been discontinued. No matter where you shop you will find a continual turn over in products.

As new products are developed and brought into the stores something has to be discontinued to make room for them on the shelves. Yes, you may have to find a different brand or a new product to take the place of what you were buying but it is a fact of life in any retail store.


Ok firstly, they didnt build stock and run the place just for YOU. Secondly, it’s YOUR FAILT for not being there when the items come in.

Third and most important, THEY DONT CARE!! Go ahead whine HARDER!! It won’t change the fact that many many many other people are shopping there before you ever arrive. They can’t keep unlimited amounts of product and it’s first come first purchased.

So before you go blasting them about empty shelves, stop and think about how many people were there before YOU! It’s YOU the consumer emptying the shelves!! They haven’t invented teleportation or matter reconfiguration yet so there is literally no way for them to make appear what you want when other shoppers have bought it all!!!! Now is the part where you show your lack of education and breeding and start claiming that “you must work for them”.

NOPE!! Just a consumer like you. I however understand these issues obviously better then you do.

You’re spouting ONE SIDE of a multifaceted issue and you’re doing so out of sheer ignorance. It’s a shame someone didn’t raise you with better common sense!


The only surprise I had from reading your complaint was that you liked Walmart's "friendly personnel." We also have two Walmarts in my area and if they have more than two "friendly" employees in either store, they are well-hidden from interactions with customers. Rude, unkempt, inefficient and very strange appearing employees seem to be the rule in both stores.

Some things are, indeed a bit cheaper at Walmart but not enough to make me wait in long lines to be treated like dirt. With Kroger and Meijer stores in town there is no reason to spend my money in Walmart.


You said it Friend! No amount of savings is worth being treated like dirt over.

Their stores are run like they are operated by Government Employees. Like they are doing you a real big service and that you should not only be treated like dirt, but that you have to check yourself as well, all while they watch you closely as you ring up your own order to make sure that you don't try to rip something off. Heaven forbid a Senior Citizen with Memory Problems checks themselves out and accidentally doesn't ring up a bottle of Vanilla Extract.

The Loss Prevention officers would mug them as they were leaving the store and drag them back inside, have them arrested and taken to jail, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law even though they had lived very long lives without ever being in any kind of trouble with the law. All because they were too cheap to hire a cashier to check the customers out.


They've got so many ugly looking women there because they are too homely to get a man to take care of them! Very strange, rude, unkept just as you say! Even desperate SSI "Nut Check" recipients wouldn't want to tango with them,