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On my visit to this Wal-mart on 3/18 I purchased some groceries totaling $154.73. At that time the mother of my child and I had intended to split the charges with me taking the larger of the difference, totaling $76.85. Once Lonita (the cashier who processed the transaction) asked me to swipe my card, I did and signed off on the charge for amount of $ 76.85. At the very moment the card reader read "approved" and we were attempting to prepare to make the second payment the cash register froze/malfunctioned. We could not proceed to complete the payment and after waiting for one of the floor managers to address/research the issue he came back and stated that the charge did not go through and that they were going to have to re-ring all of the items up again and re-do the transaction. I complied. Once I got home I checked my account to verify that the payment had not posted only to find out that the transaction had processed.

I immediately called the Wal-mart store and spoke with a gentleman who explained that I should bring in a copy of my bank statement showing the charge and the receipt for the completed transaction and they would work to resolve this. So I came in and spoke with Derrek from the customer service desk, circa 9pm, who then contacted Irma who told me she would research the item and contact me back. On 3/19/2012 I called back to the Walmart at approx. 3:20pm and spoke with Desmond who told me that they were still investigating the issue and once he spoke with Irma he would have someone contact me. I later received a phone call at approx. 5pm from a Susan (name may be incorrect) who noted that their logs did not show the transaction in question and therefore there was nothing they could do for me other than to suggest I submit a dispute with my bank.

So after roughly 2 wasted hours in a Walmart store I still ended up having to take this up with my bank and they made no actual attempt to compensate me for their error. Although $80 is relatively a small amount I am more pissed about the level of customer service provided.

Review about: Walmart Account.

Monetary Loss: $76.

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Whatever math is using if he is homeschooling his child he should get a math teacher to teach the math part.


I wouldn't say Walmart is a thief, it was just a complicated situation.I feel bad for you though.

but why did you call your wife or girlfriend the mother of your child..?I'm just saying that it's a weird thing to say instead of wife or girlfriend lol and splitting $154.73 would be $77.36 not $76.85 I'm not sure what kind of math you were using.


$80 is not a small amount and should you not be married before making babies.



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