So I walk around with few friend then all the maintenance guy fallow us arounder the whole store stared n watch us then call the cop saying we are Stealing *** when we are just walking around that ***

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you wouldn't walk around looking like a thug with your pants sagging and your @ss hanging out, bandanna tied around your head and gang tats all over your white surburban @ss, then this wouldn't happen.

to jman Augusta, Georgia, United States #928974

I Agree....I work at Walmart Deansbridge Rd....If a Customer looks the part expect to be followed & watched...epecially if a group comes in & walks around for hours...& doesnt buy anything....Their are so many Red Flags that a customer sends out....If you're not Guilty of anything.... being watched shouldn't bother you...

to jman Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #929137

dumas white kids thinking they are hard

to cracker #929177

With the terrible spelling and grammar they sound black actually.


You don't know what in the world you are talking about. Maintenance guys don't do what you said.

Do you with your know it all attitude mean Security guy? Furthermore, I bet you were a group of teenagers, horsing around. So you weren't shoplifting, but your friend was. Have you heard the saying "birds of a feather, flock together?" It basically means if the person/people you are with get into trouble for one reason or another, you are apt to be considered the same as that person.

Just like if you are with somebody that gets busted for drugs, you get in trouble too. Instead of goofing around in stores, you should spend more time learning how to spell and use proper terminology.

Thirteen year olds have absolutely no business running around without adult supervision.


and it was not me who was stealing it was my friend who was stealing but they maintenance guy made us all come back in the maintenance room, he even had only my friend on tape stealing and we saw this but we did not stop her because we did not want to be uncool but he called all our parents even though our friend stole and i did not steal he made false arrests for three peoples because only one of us was stealing, there were three of us, me cindy and karen and cindy was the one stealing yet he followed us all and made us all go to maintenance room. he had to cvall our parents since we are 13 years old but i was not stealing

to Anonymous Augusta, Georgia, United States #928980

To reply to Anonymous....Haven't you ever heard that you are Guilty by Association ??......If You did not like being Grouped with your Friend....If you KNEW she was stealing.....You are Guilty being with her & not saying anything ....For Future Situations like this ....If you don't want want to stop her or be "Uncool" Walk Away.....

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