Eastpointe, Michigan

False accussrion of retail theft at roseville store. I tried on a pair of boots had to look at least four aisles for a mirror forgot that i had the boots on and had left my boots in the aisle.

The employee was extremely rude and threatening.

He admitted to watching me from the minute i walked in the door *** stalker weirdo should be fired. The date was january 15 evening he was black with a horrible attitude.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"You are a sick ***. Keep it up and you will end up in prison."

I cannot quote you, but Michael Jackson has done worse than Bubba and he was never sent to prison.


There was no without reasonable doubt proof in Micheal Jackson's case. Walmart, however, has cameras everywhere.


Like that *** did not video tape his sick obsession.


"The date was january 15 evening he was black with a horrible attitude."

Nothing new about that, what black person does not have a terrible attitude?


Whether you actually forgot you had on new boots or you intentionally tried to switch your boots, if you tried to leave with unpaid merchandise then it is considered theft. Accidental theft is still theft.


Anybody should be able to feel if they have different shoes/boots on than the ones that they were wearing when they came into the store. The fact that you played the race card takes away from your credibility.


You got caught plain and simple. There are mirrors down every shoe aisle and one doesn't try on a pair of boots then forget they were wearing them. Do you really think people are that ***?


This aint stealing. if you took a pair of shoes and left your pair at Walmart , it was a trade.

a fair one .

1 pair for 1 pair. Fuckwalmartbunchofpansyassfaggotstryingtoputaniggainjail.


Agrees the same thing works with children, I lost my brotherat the store, they paged him and he did not come to the front of the store so I walked up with another child. His name is Richard and he is ten years old, but boy do I miss Kyle he may be a pest sometimes but I can always blame him when I do something wrong like wreck the car or eat the last pork chop, but since both were ten year old males the exchange was even.

Too bad Richard is a vegan and I cannot blame him about eating the last pork chop. But the good news is more are left for me. At first my parents were not impressed with me trading in my brother but once they got used to Richard they got over it. Now if I can only do the same thing with my six year old sister.

She tattles a lot and I want a non tattling sister. It sucks to be the oldest.

@King Alex

I found your little boy, he's sucking on my pork sausage right now.


You are a sick ***. Keep it up and you will end up in prison.