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I purchased a DEFECTIVE Brother 5000 Sewing Machine 1/13/10 at the Visalia, CA WALMART I attempted to exchange it about one week later but they did not have any at that time, so I oped to wait till they got more out of the warehouse. I did not take it back until 02/16/10 where the girl claimed she was returning $152.57 back into my checking account & gave me a piece of walmart paper that I assumed was my approval #.

It was a long wait & HOT which irritates my RSD disability, so I just took the paper & got out of there feeling VERY ILL. I had never been burned by walmart before so I assumed I received the money back into my account as I ALWAYS had on the the occasions I returned an item. I checked my bank account for the transaction & found NOTHING. I CHECKED THE small paper the girl attached to my original receipt & was AUSTOUNDED to FIND a BLANK authorization #...I checked my account again the following morning and still have NOTHING from WALMART pending or other wise.

I was livid and went back to the Visalia Ca. Store and found some INSULTING personnel. A so called *** manager would NOT GIVE ME A VERIFICATION #... Nor, WOULD she give me the Defective sewing machine or my money back...

and she had some Police Officer hanging out in their office take me outside to talk... he didn't know anything and he DID NOT HELP ME TO GET MY PROPERTY - MONEY - OR ANY VERIFICATION of A REFUND AUTHORIZATION. I called back to the store and asked to FILED a Complaint and that same ***. manager WOULDN''T ALLOW ME TO FILE A COMPLAINT and she would NOT GIVE ME VERIFICATION THAT they ever PROCESSED A REFUND to my bank account as they were supposed to.

I WANT MY MONEY & WALMART TO STOP PREDJUSTLY DENYING ME. I'm appalled at Walmart for Not allowing me verification that they processed a transaction that is NON EXSISTANT!

Monetary Loss: $152.

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Your rants and swearing here would indicate you are a hot head who won't listen to reason. More often than not it takes several days for a credit to your account to show up (it's odd that a charge shows up right away but credits take a few days).

As your post is 1 day after you returned the item you haven't give the banking system enough time to post the credit. Next time don't go in with the attitude that you are being ripped off.


Hi Anne, Thank you for your comment. I have emailed the Walmart HQ more then once because I have not been able to get through to a person when I call.

I filed a consumer complaint also, but I have Not hear anything yet. They make me SO FURIOUS!


Have you called walmart's HQ? That's what I would do.

Considering it's the store manager you have to go higher than the store. It sucks, but for 150 dollars I would be making phone calls.