Vancouver, British Columbia
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Every time my family goes to walmart in Thompson Manitoba customer service is none exsitent nothing on the shelves everything still in boxes boxes in the isle are a hazard to the consumers trying to get through the isles cashiers are talking to each other in another laugage to busy to pay attention to the customer in front of them they also dont know how to bag your purchases my mother is 70 yrs old and they think she can carry a bag that is so heavy even i have trouble lifting it even when you tell them before they bag not to over pack the bag they dont listen and i have to spend my time re packing the bag it is unacceptable

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If you have all the answers get a job there and do a better job. Posting this just made you look like s ***


so NOW Anonymous is stalking all kids from Canada? :eek well that was quick, you psycho :grin :grin :p


Not all of us are very polite, also if you want people to be polite to you don't be such a ***.


Hey Jedi,

Did you hear that all of the children from Canada except you are polite? :?

Try writing a nice, polite letter to Wal-Mart for, say, their pudding.

Maybe people will start to think better of you. :grin :grin :grin

Jedi K

Agrees and more proof that these IP tracer don't work right now Ihatedumbcustomer's location says Little Rock Arkansas. He is not from there, and I had one post saying I am from Spain and one saying Maine.

Then another saying I am from this country called "Mozambique" Where the *** "Mozambique" is I don't know. Think it is in the middle east somewhere.


so it seems to me that not only does Anonymous have a thing for smiley faces, they also have a thing for 10 year old kids. I mean why else would every comment be about that? seriously, take your sick fetishes and fantasies somewhere else.


Just open up your own national retail chain and you can decide how to run it. Until then, either shop somewhere else, or ***


Actually the only one who needs anger management classes are queenlea, and some other people who post on this site including you of course. The sad thing is the triplet spells and types better than the person who posted this review.


Is this the good Jedi or the evil Jedi? :x


Hey Jedi, there is a very polite TEN YEAR OLD child in Canada that could give you Anger Management classes.

He's from Ontario. :( :grin :grin :grin :p


I just hope Target understands your run on sentences. If not you have six months or so to practice your English.

For example proof that they don't understand you laugage is not word, if you are using words like that that is not an English word. With grammar like that you will have the same trouble with the employees at Target understand you as well.


"'Cause according to Jedi Knight Ethan, there are no Target stores in Canada, yet. :x :upset "

Well there isn't, they are going to be here in 2013, again you speak from the butt and have no idea what you are talking about.

Also cause is not really a word.

It is short form for because Mr. grammar king.


anonymous wants you to call him because he can quickly supply the phone number for a 10 year old boy. *** psycho.

who would ever take you seriously, anonymous? I might crack a joke here and there but at least I am capable of talking normally. instead of posting weird, irrelevant comments that add absolutely nothing to the conversation. well it does add the feeling that you're talking to a *** old guy if anyone is looking for that.

BUT on a more serious note..

as far as I've heard, Walmart brings out those boxed products to stock later at night because it'd be too hard to stock during the day with so many customers in the way. customers would complain either way. "oh the employees are in my way" if they stocked during the day, but if they stock at night then it'll be just "oh, there's nothing on the shelf" so they might as well do it the easier way.

and I never see cashiers talking to each other. they rarely have time with how many people are going through their lines.


Great Nana,

'Cause according to Jedi Knight Ethan, there are no Target stores in Canada, yet. :x :upset

However, there is a ten year old very polite child from Ontario who writes letters of compliments to Wal-Mart!

Call him. :grin :grin


"ashiers are talking to each other in another laugage" The language is a dialect of English called Standard English - it's the language of people who have beyond a third grade understanding of the English language.


Here's to Anonymous Mississippi and Planodad :grin will be going to Target from now on. And Jedi Knight Ethan :p :p :p


WE don't have Target in Canada yet Planodad, Nannabear, looks like you don't know what you are doing, seriously learn to write a proper sentence. It is not a question of them not knowing what they are doing, as I stated it is a question of them not understanding you because you use one big run on sentence.


Please do not shop at Walmart if it bothers you. Cheap prices=bad services. Try shopping at Target !!!


Here's hoping that a TEN YEAR OLD CHILD FROM ONTARIO, CANADA doesn't read this! :p


That just show's you how pissed i am. you would too if you had to deal with people that dont know what the F#$% they were doing, having stuff on the shelf in the dairy isle that is 3/4 months out of date or not on the shelfes at all cause they are in the isle in boxes on the floor for people to trip over, but hey this is Canada you want to work here well at least speak one of the two language (FRENCH & ENGLISH)


Maybe customer service is non existent because you speak in a big run on sentence and they have trouble understanding what the *** you are saying.