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Update by user Dec 04, 2014

Walmart called me and resolved my issue they gave me a better 50" Television..... I am a happy camper now. Thank You Justin Manager of the Clay New York Store, You did good

Original review posted by user Nov 28, 2014

I called the store #1831 @2:00 pm to verify if we could come in and get our television and wait with it in the cart until the sale started at 6:00 we were told no. We got to the store at 5:10 waited in line to get a ticket for the item we were given a 1 hour guarantee receipt instead mind you we were number 27 in line.

My checkout receipt reads checkout time 18:31:07 which means 6:31:07 they were mysteriously out of televisions which I don't understand unless they never even had them which they have been known to do.

Walmart sucks and I will never shop there again. Calling the executives and managers doesn't help either they don't care of course it's not their money.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $234.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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These things go fast kiddo, is this the first Black Friday you parents allowed you to attend? Next time have them take you there earlier.


Not really sure why you would think that you can wait with it in your cart when the sale starts at 6:00, no earlier.


Well I checked out at 6:30 and being customer 27 in line they were out. But the problem was they never had the televisions that's my point this store in notorious for doing this

Dan S

There is always a very small limit of products like less than 5 on Black Friday sales no matter what store it is. No matter if it is Walmart, Target, Best Buy and other stores.

@Dan S

That is what this little girl's parents should have explained to her.


The point you don't understand is these things sell out in five or ten minutes, you checked out 31 minutes AFTER the sale, next year when you are ten ask mommy or daddy to take you there sooner.


It's first come, first serve. You should have been there earlier and you probably would have gotten the TV.


We cannot blame her, her parents were probably too busy to take her earlier, perhaps if she helped them with what they were doing they could have taken her earlier. However she sounds like a child and only a parent can take her shopping.