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Update by user Mar 21, 2012

This is now a RESOLVED issue. Took about 3 days to get a call back however WalMart corp.

office had a manager call me and I took the truck back to the tire and auto. They pulled all 4 tires, inspected the entire job and found the leak was due to the sidewall not being seated properly on the tire in question. They re-balanced all 4 tires and I was treated with respect. Chris Halsey was the manager that called and helped me.

Thank you.

Chris. This was done as soon as I arrived and it did not take an hour....

Original review posted by user Mar 19, 2012

Bought 4 new tires 2 at at a time 2 last month and 2 this month as I am disabled and did not have enough money to buy all 4 at once. No problem buying and mounting the tires except the men could not find all the plastic covers that go over my lug nuts.

Noticed that the front right tire was loosing air pressure as I had also purchased 4 air pressure indicator valve stem covers from Walmart as well. Payed 1.00 to refill the tire with air after looking for a puncture. (No puncture found). Drove to the same Walmart the next day and encountered a sloppily dressed man with no Identification who asked what I wanted.

I told him of the recent purchace and that the tire was leaking air. His response immediately was " did you buy the road hazard warranty ?" When I said no he immediately began to walk off turning his back to me and mumbling something about its gonna cost you 10.00 then. I then said that If they had to repair *** in the tire I understood that however I wanted the tire checked valve stem and all because I saw no place where the tire was punctured. then he started saying it was going to be 10.00 if he pulled it in there again and was very smart with his tone and at that point I said I want the tire checked out as I had just purchased them he then said if I want it looked at I would have to wait at least an hour.

At this point I told him thank you for your time but I would not require any further service and I was just going to go up front. I went inside to the customer service desk where I was greeted by a kind lady who tried to help me however by this time I stated that I would only speak with a manager. The manager arrives and I told him I am disabled and I have bi-polar disorder and I am very nervous at this point he asked me why I am nervous and I told him about the situation I encountered and that I was nervous because of my condition and that the situation and made it worse. I told him that I felt like the person I spoke with seemed as if he did not give a "***" either way about the problem.

Then the manager told me not to curse and that I was on private property and said you see that lady does not want to hear my cursing. She was paying no mind whatsoever to our conversation. Then he went on to tell me that "he gets involved when his employees feel threatened" No threats were made verbally or physically to anyone. I simply told him than you but I would take the matter up with corporate.

You may think that my comment was inappropriate however I am quite sure I am not the first person to ever say the word "***" in a store, nor will I be the last. I am protected constitutionally with the right to free speech wherever I may be in the U.S.A. I would like an apology and restitution as well as the tire fixed at another location please.

If the employees at the tire and lube had simply done their job in the first place this would be a non issue. Post Script...6th attempt to resolve

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Tire Rotation.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Nothing bad experiences anyone can relate surprise me when it comes to WalMart. They hire nothing but incompetent human filth, from the district managers on down.