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DO NOT waste your time. Went in to get 2 tires plugged.

Waited 4 hours for them to tell me they could not be done. Of course. So I schedule an appt. for the following morning at 8.

4 hours later, they bring my car around with 4 tires. And try to charge me $400.00. Which I did not have. They were very upset because they had to take the back 2 off.

Well...... I get home, look at the tires, ( 25 miles away), and the back 2 were practically FLAT. Yep, they put the 2 bad ones on the back. I called the manager and complained, got nowhere.

Called Benton, Ark., got nowhere. I will not even buy toilet paper there again..

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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The original poster was back shopping at walmart that night after leaving this complaint. He claimed he was wrong, they were right, and that he would personally thank the entire walmart team for showing him how *** he is/was/forever shall be.

Then he cried.
:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry
Red Wing, Minnesota, United States #719025

Hello. My only question would be is why didn't you look before you left the store before the second time?

After 25 miles, they don't know if something happened to the tires going flat because of debris or negligence. I inspect everything on my car before I leave a dealer or mechanic.

That way i'm still on there property.

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