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I bought my new tires and had them installed at Walmart in Lawrenceville, Ga. I've never had anyone else touch my tires.

I've always had my tires rotated and balanced at Walmart. I took my truck in this Saturday to have the oil chnaged, tires rotated and balanced and a flat repair. I purchased these tires with the road hazard and lifetime rotation and balance. The last time they balanced and rotated my tires they crossthreaded all of my lug nuts.

I went back to them and they refused to touch my tires because their was a lug nut missing. I told them they were the last people to touch my truck. After the very young black girl explained to me for the 5th time that they just can't touch my tires I got pissed. I talked her into starting the job if I went to the parts store to get a lug nut they left off last time.

What really steamed me was her telling me that she would write me up after she was done with the other customers that were in front of me. The issue was I had been waiting while other people walked up. I was actually in front of the line. I told her that I was actually in front of the line.

She told me she say the couple come up first. SHE CALLED ME A LIAR!! WOW! I took my key way from her and walked out.

I drove to the other Walmart in Larwenceville. The guy behind the counter was nicer. They had to call the store I was just at to get the information. The very young black girl answered.

She lied again and told the guy I didn't have road hazard. I do have road hazard. The Walmart I was at decided to do it for free. He also agreed to rotate and balance my tires if I get the new lug nut that Walmart left off.

One hour later the guy called me to tell me that all my lug nuts are bad. I had to take my truck to Kauffman Tires to fix what Walmart MUCKED up.

It only cost me $145.00. I will never step into a Walmart or Sam's again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Tire Rotation.

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Lawrenceburg, TN Walmart Tire Center is great but it depends on who is working. The store doesn't hold up the same standards for every associate.

I came in one day to have my tires balanced/rotated (somewhat new tires with excellent tread). Before he even looked at my tires he said "I am sorry I cannot touch your tires, the front tires look like they have more wear than the back tires." I drive a FWD. I told him that it happens, especially with a FWD but I would like my front tires rotated with the back tires.

He replied and continued, "Sorry I cannot touch your tires, like I said the front tires are more wore than your back tires." Maybe he thought he was insane as well. Anyways I ended up going to another mechanic who gladly did it for me and when I told him the story he looked at me with a blank look and asked ,"What?" He felt it was pretty insane as well.


I worked at a Walmart Tire & Lube Express before. They let just anybody back there to work, including females and people who probably have never touched a hood latch before.

I've seen guys come and go who had bad attitudes and didn't care. I've bailed out new hires from several sticky situations such as rounding off drain plugs using the wrong sized socket and I had to show them how to remove them without a bolt extractor so I can replace it. Once they actually came and found me while I was on my lunch to replace a TPMS sensor they broke and learn the new sensor since I was the only one who knew how to do it other than the service manager.

There were a few of these instances. After working there for over a year and a half with no screw ups under my belt I decided that tires and oil changes were boring so I've moved onto working at a dealership.


Seriously? Females in the shop is what you have a problem with? You, sir, are a ***


i work for a tle and daniel is right, most of the ppl they hire have never touched a car in their lives, not all though there are a few of us that know what were doing. main problem is that were under staffed and over worked and not paid enough and rushed.

managment cuts corners ignores policy makes you do things you no you shouldn't be doing, but there are alot of customers that scam walmart.

anyway best to stay away and if not ask who's been there the longest and request them to do the work. oh yeah and guys being trained just get thrown into it unsupervised on your cars so watch out!


I agree.

I took my car to Walmart in Steelyard Commons, Cleveland, for an oil change. The technician broke the wire connect to the hood lever. But the people there refused to apologize and said that they didn't break it.

I have to bring my car to another auto repair store and spend $150 to replace the wire.

All I can say is Walmart Tire and Lube Express is a No No!! Never bring your car there. Their prices is even more expensive than other auto repair store.


I work at a tle an all i can say is We dont no if we are the only ones to touch ur tires u can lie very easly if walmart does a bad job dont come back


i work at a TLE. trust me when i say this tell everyone to stay as far away as possible from walmart TLE most of the guys there have no clue what they are doing or dont care!!!!!!!


I can only agree and I work at a Wal-Mart. I took my mom to the TLE department for a oil change once and I never took her back.

They were nice but they did it wrong every time I took her their.

Now my dad takes her to the place where she got her car from and they do it right. Like I said, I can only agree.