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I went to the Walmart Super Center tire and lube express to get two new tires installed on the rear of my dodge minivan. I told the man at the counter what size I needed and they told me a price and I drove my van over to the bay door to have the work done. I tell the guy to save the left rear tire, as I would like to take it home for a spare. The other rear had a bubble in the sidewall. He says ok.

10 minutes later I get paged back to the auto center (the can't be done yet can they?). They tell me they can't install the sized tires I requested as they are not the same size as what is on the front. Against policy they say. This was a special camper edition of the van and came factory with wider tires and heavier shocks in the rear. I had to pull the owner manual from the glovebox to prove it. They had me sign a release and then put the tires on. I was paged 20 minutes later, paid and drove away. Halfway home I notice my spare is not in the back where I had requested it and I had been billed for two tire disposals.

I drove back and asked for my tire and for the $5 disposal fee to be corrected. The wouldn't give my tire back and said by law the weren't allowed!! WTF REALLY? I had asked ahead of time. I didn't so much care about the tire as much as the lack of one hand not knowing what the other was doing. That was strike one.

Strike two came when I was asked by my boss ( I did construction at the time) to take a company van to Walmart and get the oil changed. It was $19.99 and my boss was kind of cheap. As I leave the van ( packed with expensive tools) I ask that they lock it up before they move it out to the "waiting area" of the lot because of all the tools and equipment. They had in the past left other cars unlocked and it around back and a lot of tweeter seem to cross through there. They said they would lock it.

When I went to get it they had locked ONLY the drivers door and left passenger windows down. It had power locks and windows so its pretty easy to lock it down. Nothing got stolen but....strike two, ya know?

Strike three was when I bought a set of four tires and had them installed, again it was on sale and a good deal. The front right after about a month started to lose air. It would be about half flat every other day. I went back, as I had the warranty, so they could find the leak. They said it was a bad valve stem, charged me $8. Fine. Fixed right? No. Two days later it half flat again! I bring it back again, they said it had no leak. It was another clerk so I told him you guys just put a valve stem in it because they thought it was that. Then he shows me on my original purchase that I had gotten four new valve stems already. What the *** man? The can't find a leak in the tire. I ask them to re- mount the tire, I was told it might be that from a friend. They tell me they would have to charge me for it! I say, you billed me $8 for a stem I didn't need, this should be free! Bear in mind, it's still under warranty. They go ahead, and check it again for leaks. Nothing found. Two days later, tire going flat again but losing air faster now, barely make it back from work one night.

This is driving me nuts so I start asking friends at a truck shop and they say " maybe it only leaks with the weight of the car on it"...hmmm. So I get a spray bottle with soapy water and after moving the car back and fourth for about an hour I find the leak !! Just on the inside of the side wall of the tire. I mark it with chalk and head back to Walmart, it's gonna be easy to resolve now right. Nope. They won't warranty it because they say " you must have hit something, that's not a defect and therefor not warranty". And to add insult to injury they won't put the tire back on because of liability reasons and I am forced to by a new tire just to be able leave.

They suck, and I won't be going there again. I don't need the headache.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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