Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Walmart balanced two new tires on my Saturn ion.. when I left it took all of thirty seconds before realizing something was terribly wrong.

I returned immediately to inform the techs of a new shake in my vehicle, to which they replied i had an alignment issue even after telling them i just had an alignment done, they basically told me "that's a bummer" and sent me out. I am not a wealthy person (hence the tire job at Walmart of all places) So i researched the problem and with my basic know-how concluded that it could be a sticky emergency brake. Someone must have set it , And it is now sticking. I went back to find that not only would they refuse to do a retorque but they wouldn't even look at my car because they aren't certified in ANYTHING diagnostic.

As it turns out, my brake is fine.. Those Walmart techs put my bugging tires on crooked!

The tire techs at Walmart can't even tighten lug nuts correctly and thanks to the wobble I could have been killed. I had absolutely no control over 50 miles per hour(as the issue was intermittent in intensity, I found out the scary way) thanks to their incompetence and it has cost me more than I care to admit to figure that out.

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Walmart at the Tanger Outlet did the exact same thing. My car was running fine but I took it in to take advantage of the Lifetime balance and tire rotation that I purchased from them when I bought my last tire.

By the time I hit the highway my car also began to "shimmy".

Took it back and they told me I needed an alignment, which they could not do. Took my car to an alignment shop where they discovered my tire was bent as well!