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About a year ago I went into Walmart trying to buy a new set of tires for a truck I had just bought. When I went inside one of the employees helped me buy tires online that he highly recommended to me, the only reason I bought them online was that they were on sale at the time online only.

When my tires finally showed up it took Walmart about an hour to figure out that they didn't have a key for my lug nuts. Then I had to go over to another tire shop to buy one because they did not have one. Now about a year later I get a nail in my tire and take it to a tire shop that does free flat repair. When they pull in my truck they tell me that they cannot work on my truck because it has unsafe tires on it that have a way to small of a load range on them for my truck.

I took them back to Walmart along with my old tires that Walmart had taken off a year ago. When I show up the lady there tells me that they can put them all on but two of the tires are pushing it. I then tell her that no one will work on my truck because the tires that Walmart had put on are unsafe. So they pull in my truck and after about an hour they pull back out telling me that they can't get my Walmart bought tires off my truck.

I asked her how it took them an hour to figure that out and if they had a breaker bar, because I had watched them not use one on my truck. Then she told me that whom ever put my tires on last had cranked them down to much. Which the only people that had touched my tires had been Walmart. So she goes and gets me a manager who can easily tell that I'm pissed off tells me that there is nothing they can do.

When I tell him that no one will touch my truck because my tires are unsafe he told me that Walmart wouldn't put them on if they were unsafe to be on my truck. I showed him my truck OME for my tires and he could see that Walmart had messed up but he couldn't do anything for me. So he went and got the store manager who didn't like me pointing out that they had messed up on my tires. He told me that the insurance for Walmart would contact me in 48 hours and let me know what they would do about it.

After three hours of dealing with them I asked they would fix my flat tire because no one else would because they messed up and then they told me they couldn't because their tire shop was closing for the night. The next morning the insurance called me to talk it over with me. They were unsure why they were even brought in to it and told me that now that I know my tires are unsafe that I am now liable for anything that happened and that the store would have to work things out with me, and that they would contact the store and tell them that they needed to get ahold of me. It has now been three days and I have not herd anything back from Walmart about how they plan on making things right and having me in a safe vehicle.

With all liability now on me I now cannot drive my main source of transportation until Walmart gets back to me. Walmart AUTO care is a joke never take your car there!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Irvine, California, United States #967581

WOW ! All I can say is that Walmart SUCKS BIG TIME and the more people realize it the better off they will be.

I've had my share of issues from Walmart so I shop mostly at Target which they match prices from Walmart and more . . and if you sign up for a RedCard you get 5% off everything in store and online and free shipping too.

You can't beat that Walmart ! lol

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