Cleveland, Ohio

I go to walmart for a nrw tire and an oil change and heres what happened.first they give me a time of 2hrs which is i say the heck with it thats ok ill wait.2hrs later i arrive to pick up my car. Im told thete was a problem and id have to talk to two assistant this point Im thinkin something broke and there gonna come tell me there gonna fix it real quick.

The managers arrive and say my bolt fell of my oil pan. I reply "it mysteriously fell off? Or your tech broke it off? The reply was they didnt even touch it it just fell Im getting a bit i say what are your plans to fix this?they ask where my oil was changed last and i reply walmart..instantly without even looking they deny it was at now there insinuating Im a liar.for the next hr or so they search there computers and give me excuse after excuse.i say your excuses are irrelevent to you breaking the bolt and need to know how your gonna fix it.

Start They have no reasonable answer,and no spoken intention to fix it andbegin filling out an insurance claim.

at this point Im so furious i say just give me my keys the hello with it. Now the assistant says they cant give me my keys until hesitant done with the claim there a furious customer whose car you broke,didnt change the oil or tire and now he wants to leave and you wont give him his keys???these people are incompitent they put in charge.i reccomend steering clear of these irrogant,incompitent,bozos.all this over something that could have been resolved with a $10bolt and screw ectractor and about 20minutes.greedy idiots!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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Should use spell check you sound like an *** too!


Oil plugs just don't fall off by itself! One of the workers don;t want to loose their job!


Any reputable auto shop would have a way to tap-in new threads, as this happens occasionally. Happened to me 1 time only. And they took care of it on the spot. Thy charged me only a few bucks!


I hope you dont; use your same tactic of saving money if you ever have a broken bone.... Does Walmart do this...

maybe... lol


lol the whole problem with this article is that you admit you took it to walmart of all places for this type of work to be done. man i know people want to save money but some things should be done at actual repair shops not walmart.


I would not trust walmart for car care either. As a DIYer, Walmart is not getting my money in any way possible.


If the OIL PAN fell off I would suggest not driving the car off until the OIL TRAY is fixed. THE ENGINE NEEDS oil!! WALMART is not where i would ever get my oil changed or my tires looked at