Springfield, Ohio
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TMobile Family Plan Samsung Galaxy 2 bought new at Walmart was actually a refurbished phone. I had no idea until I had problems with the phone and saw it online - nothing on the box, paperwork - anywhere.

Phone never worked right. I called Customer service as Walmart will have nothing to do with the phone after 2 weeks. The customer service at Tmobile family plan suck. I explain the problem and whoopsie phone goes dead (they have so much time to deal with your problem (that's how they get paid) If they think your prob.

will take longer - you are dropped. To call customer service, its at least a 30 minute wait to talk to someone and then get dropped.

I finally had to spend $31 to stop the bank draft because they would not stop my service. I will never shop at Walmart again ever!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

  • Walmart Tmobile ripoff - selling n
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First of all I can promise you that Walmart is not even gonna notice that your no longer having your perscriptions filled there, however it really doesn't sound like you had a problem with the pharmacy it sounds to me like you are going through something far bigger than that, but if not and you truly do wig out this bad over the dang ppl who have been there working all morning having a 30 min break to eat their lunch then maybe you should look into having some of the psycosis meds they keep in the (u know the same way there are families who keep that one Aunt/Uncle way in The Back room in their house!!! JS