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well everything could be just fine, except that I think it's really dumb that the money transfer ends at a certain time even in 24-hour Walmarts, for instance I ran out of gas and the easiest way for me to get money was Walmart, except it was too late, they were closed at ten, and California 8:00,p.m. I ended up begging someone for gas money.

I would like to see this change please people have emergencies and this world doesn't stop because you want to close. this is not the first time I relied on Walmart and found out that they were closed if it's 24-hours let it be 24-hours Thank-you.Rainy Patricca

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $80.

I didn't like: Money gram services.

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Waynesville, Missouri, United States #1296408

how about the wasted fee for sending $ when you know how much gas or cash you have b4 leaving the house

Ironton, Ohio, United States #1268568

You do understand that it is not safe for any business to have that much money on hand at late hours of the night right? It is closed during certain hours for safety reasons I'm sure.

Even banks close at a specific time. Other check cashing places do as well. Its not Walmart fault that you waited all day to put gas in your car when you knew you were about to be out of gas.

Lol You can't be serious! I feel for the people who work there and have to put up with people like you.

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