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Had my groceries at the check out on the belt. The cashier checking out a customer,was having trouble had to call man. to help it took for ever for her to get there moving very slow the checkier was tossing a can in the air.I was in line 20min. by now so i walked ouy leaving my groceries on the belt.Cashier acted like he did not care this is very customer relations. Went to another store spent 115.00 dollers. Thank You

John Polzar

2410 n.w. Kling ct. E-mail

Topeka Ks. 66618 jjpolzar@cox.net

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Let me tell you what happened after you left: An employee had to put all of your groceries back on the shelves instead of helping customers. So your little stunt only hurt other consumers.

Congratulations! I hope they ban you from the store.

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