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We went to Walmart to buy a few things last night & as I was leaving the checkout & heading for the doors a Walmart employee stopped me & wanted to see my receipt!I asked her why & she said all local walmarts are doing that now!

I told her thanks for treating me like a thief & that I would never go to another Walmart again!

It will be worth paying a little extra to be treated as a valued customer rather than a thief,so I will spend my money elsewhere from now on.

I really have doubts about that kind of thing ever catching a real thief,all it does is *** off honest customers!

The only thing I've ever stolen in my life is a kiss!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: I hated it.

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Good grief....I have to show my receipt all the time. I keep it out just for that reason, they ask for it, I hand it to them, they check it, they check my cart, they hand it back to me, I pocket it, and I'm on my way.

Bing bang boom.

No big deal. If this is the worst thing in your life, count yourself lucky.


I've never stolen in my life, and they have asked for my receipt at the door as well. I didn't get triggered cause like I said I haven't stolen. It's a guilty conscience that gets worked up over something that they do to everyone.


Unless you are a thief them doing their job should not offend you.


Wal-Mart violating my property rights does offend me. The reason you do not care is that you are one of the sheeple. Lol


Just think it would be worse if you actually did steal from them. Employees are treated worse.

My sister was working there, and stealing and they made her walk around the store in handcuffs the longest way to the door.

All he coworkers saw. She has two children and now because of them her life is ruined.


Her life is ruined because she is a thief.


I have experienced the same issue at Walmart.

Unlike LadyScot, I expect to be treated as a valued customer. If LadyScot has such low standards for how she is treated, I actually feel sorry for her.

Last night, I wanted to purchase deodorant.

The Walmart at Wheatsheaf Avenue in Philadelphia has moved deodorant into an area with makeup and customers are required to wait in a long line in that section to purchase deodorant prior to standing in a long line at the front of the store to purchase items not in the quarantined area. After waiting in a long line to pay for purchases, a security guard at the front door tells the inconvenienced customer that the customer will need to show the security guard her receipt. The security guard then uses a marker to draw a line on it. When the store is crowded, a line often forms at the door during this process.

Having shopped in Walmart's not located in lower socioeconomic areas, I know that these processes are limited in their application.

Walmart is not treating its customers as being valued.

I called Walmart last night to file another complaint about this practice noting that it is applied in a discriminatory manner toward the poor.

I will be following up on my complaint today to see how it is received by the corporate office. Don't give your money to those who do not value your business by treating you with respect.

@Ann Marie Daly

Respect is earned, baby - never granted. Remember that one, someone else will tell you that again in life.


Not nice Lady Scott.When I go to Wal-Mart it is always crowded.I wish a target would go next door to it as then I would have a choice on where to shop.Both stores would do well.This gives you an idea how crowded it is no matter when you go.First of all I live in Florida also and it is very hot this time of year. Now on to walmart.....It takes a long time to get thru the store as I have stated it is always very crowded.Once I am done I go to the checkouts that takes thirty min.at least.

Then I proceed to the line at the door...it is very long as they go thru every ones bags with a hand held scanner and scan everything.That line can be thirty min.or more long.People should not have to spend over a hour just to go thru this process. You cannot buy any frozen food there as it will melt before this hour long process to checkout and wait at the door is done. Now since I have learned to go on by while recording on my phone no one bothers me the line is still long but I go on by.I am not a thief but really just wanted ice cream that was not melted.

People have property rights once they pay for their items and if a door checker stops you that is false imprisonment.When they stop you that also violates Wal-Mart policy AP-09. Know your rights....use them or you will lose them....even in walmart.


You fail to realize that the customer IS THE THIEF!!!! YOU individually may not steal, yeah right, but customers DO steal.

I’m pretty sure if you carry a purse you have definitely pocketed something. And I mean ALL theft.

Even stealing sweetener packets counts. So before YOU go and try and play the victim realize you have lost a little time and NOT the billions of lost revenue from thieves.