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The East Greenbush NY Walmart has their Greeters pulling double duty.They sit by the exit and as you leave the checkout, they stop you to check your receipt and cart.

They claim it's for anything that's not in a bag???? As it turns out most of their store's products do not fit in their grocery store sized bags. Due to their inept business practices, they embarrass everyone dumb enough to shop there. Any normal store will affix a "Paid For" sticker on such merchandise.

This type of paranoid behavior is at any normal retail establishment reserved for suspicious or real criminal activity.

Kudos to Walmart for making every customer feel like a thief.I now shop at Target which has the decency to have adept security guards doing their job watching cameras.


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I made the "mistake" of going into the Walmart McDonald's after paying for my items.I was carrying them rather than using a cart.

After ordering my meal to go, my hands were full. The *** greater sternly asked for my receipt, so I firmly told her, "no, I'm not putting my stuff down just to show you a receipt. My hands are full." She promptly told me I could leave. The truth of the matter is, they have ZERO probable cause to detain you if you refuse to show a receipt, so long as you're holding at least one bag - unless, of course, they saw you attempting to steal something.

IF they ever detain you illegally, you've got a fat lawsuit. To hades with Walmart!

Loss prevention?How about customer loss prevention, you geniuses.

to Scott Vines #883351

That's greeter, not "greater."

to Scott Vines #883490

Ha you call someone else a genius sarcastically when you don`t know the difference between greeter and greater.

to Anonymous #883491

It was a simple error, I was not thinking straight, and if you notice I corrected myself right away.You would not have even noticed this had I not corrected myself.

Besides, if you ever notice the greeters, there is something obviously very wrong with them. Greeter is a volunteer job they are not paid, special organizations for disabled and mentally retarded people are the ones that place them in Walmart stores. Why should I be forced to show my receipt to someone who has the IQ of a french fry. I have no problem with them asking for the receipt, they are being molded into asking for receipts, and they are saying a script.

But I guess working makes them happy and proud that someone with an IQ of a french fry can hold a job. This is not really a job since they did not have to go through the interview process and they are placed in walmart stores by organizations so they have something to do. Greeter is not a job that requires you to use your brain as in cashier, or sales.

I am very happy it gives these people something to do, but I should not be required to show my receipt to someone who has the IQ of a french fry because they were molded into asking for a receipt.


I understand "greeters" have a tough job when it comes to watching out for shop lifters.What I don't understand is why they have the title of "greeter" when they do precious little actual greeting.

Few smiles, few "how are you todays?" few "Thanks for shopping at Wal Mart." Precious little helping folks get a shopping cart either.

Seems like it's all about making sure customers aren't stealing.They should be called "security" because that's what they are.

to Pam11 #883494

The greeters are unpaid and and placed into huge companies by organizations for the mentally retarded and disabled.They say what they are molded to say.

To say more than one phrase would be too difficult for them, so they are trained to ask for a receipt.

Most people provide the receipt because they don`t want to offend a mentally disabled person.However my hands were full and I refused to put the bags down just to show the greeter my receipt.


Greeters at Wal Mart are nothing more than cheap security.They don't greet you when you come in, but they sure as *** look at your receipt when you leave.

I always show my receipt. However, Once a greeter requested to see my receipt. I handed it to him. He started looking in the buggy.

He pulled out a sharpi pen to make checks on my receipt. I asked him not to because I needed a clean receipt for business tax purposes.

He ignored me and scrawed all over the receipt.Wal Mart is far from being consumer friendly.


how about a walmart that fires a people greeter for having more than 1 bottle of water on the door for an 8 hour shift?they left a single struggling mom of 2 high and dry over water even though there was a medical reason why she needed plenty of fluids.

oh but of course they wrote it up as insubordination they left out (for too much water.) they also fired 3 of my friends basically for being pregnant because they do not except doctors notes of any kind.if you'd like to hear more e-mail me


GET OVER YOURSELVES where would the world be without wal-mart :) :) :)


i promise last thing im gonna the way you only get 2 15 minute breaks and 1 hour lunch for the whole shift and the shift for door greeter is 8 hours sometimes 9 hours long ..and those are way spread out so by the time y ou get on lunch your back is sore and your feet are killing you ..

you sometimes have to wait three hours for your first 15 minute break .so thier some food of thought for you

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