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The East Greenbush NY Walmart has their Greeters pulling double duty. They sit by the exit and as you leave the checkout, they stop you to check your receipt and cart.

They claim it's for anything that's not in a bag???? As it turns out most of their store's products do not fit in their grocery store sized bags. Due to their inept business practices, they embarrass everyone dumb enough to shop there. Any normal store will affix a "Paid For" sticker on such merchandise.

This type of paranoid behavior is at any normal retail establishment reserved for suspicious or real criminal activity.

Kudos to Walmart for making every customer feel like a thief. I now shop at Target which has the decency to have adept security guards doing their job watching cameras.

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I made the "mistake" of going into the Walmart McDonald's after paying for my items. I was carrying them rather than using a cart.

After ordering my meal to go, my hands were full. The *** greater sternly asked for my receipt, so I firmly told her, "no, I'm not putting my stuff down just to show you a receipt. My hands are full." She promptly told me I could leave. The truth of the matter is, they have ZERO probable cause to detain you if you refuse to show a receipt, so long as you're holding at least one bag - unless, of course, they saw you attempting to steal something.

IF they ever detain you illegally, you've got a fat lawsuit. To hades with Walmart!

Loss prevention? How about customer loss prevention, you geniuses.

@Scott Vines

That's greeter, not "greater."

@Scott Vines

Ha you call someone else a genius sarcastically when you don`t know the difference between greeter and greater.


It was a simple error, I was not thinking straight, and if you notice I corrected myself right away. You would not have even noticed this had I not corrected myself.

Besides, if you ever notice the greeters, there is something obviously very wrong with them. Greeter is a volunteer job they are not paid, special organizations for disabled and mentally retarded people are the ones that place them in Walmart stores. Why should I be forced to show my receipt to someone who has the IQ of a french fry. I have no problem with them asking for the receipt, they are being molded into asking for receipts, and they are saying a script.

But I guess working makes them happy and proud that someone with an IQ of a french fry can hold a job. This is not really a job since they did not have to go through the interview process and they are placed in walmart stores by organizations so they have something to do. Greeter is not a job that requires you to use your brain as in cashier, or sales.

I am very happy it gives these people something to do, but I should not be required to show my receipt to someone who has the IQ of a french fry because they were molded into asking for a receipt.


I understand "greeters" have a tough job when it comes to watching out for shop lifters. What I don't understand is why they have the title of "greeter" when they do precious little actual greeting.

Few smiles, few "how are you todays?" few "Thanks for shopping at Wal Mart." Precious little helping folks get a shopping cart either.

Seems like it's all about making sure customers aren't stealing. They should be called "security" because that's what they are.


The greeters are unpaid and and placed into huge companies by organizations for the mentally retarded and disabled. They say what they are molded to say.

To say more than one phrase would be too difficult for them, so they are trained to ask for a receipt.

Most people provide the receipt because they don`t want to offend a mentally disabled person. However my hands were full and I refused to put the bags down just to show the greeter my receipt.


Greeters at Wal Mart are nothing more than cheap security. They don't greet you when you come in, but they sure as *** look at your receipt when you leave.

I always show my receipt. However, Once a greeter requested to see my receipt. I handed it to him. He started looking in the buggy.

He pulled out a sharpi pen to make checks on my receipt. I asked him not to because I needed a clean receipt for business tax purposes.

He ignored me and scrawed all over the receipt. Wal Mart is far from being consumer friendly.


how about a walmart that fires a people greeter for having more than 1 bottle of water on the door for an 8 hour shift? they left a single struggling mom of 2 high and dry over water even though there was a medical reason why she needed plenty of fluids.

oh but of course they wrote it up as insubordination they left out (for too much water.) they also fired 3 of my friends basically for being pregnant because they do not except doctors notes of any kind. if you'd like to hear more e-mail me


GET OVER YOURSELVES where would the world be without wal-mart :) :) :)


i promise last thing im gonna say... by the way you only get 2 15 minute breaks and 1 hour lunch for the whole shift and the shift for door greeter is 8 hours sometimes 9 hours long ..and those are way spread out so by the time y ou get on lunch your back is sore and your feet are killing you ..

you sometimes have to wait three hours for your first 15 minute break . so thier some food of thought for you


oh and i also wanted to add they check the employees recipets too wheter thier working that day or off that day so its not just customers .


i am an employee of walmart i use to doorgreet all the time i still do when the door greeter needs a lunch or break im a cashier now. anyways to that one comment about thats the whole problem of the same one not being at the door all day when you go to leave they need a lunch or a break how would you like to stand all day at a door especially when its winter time with no breaks or lunch ?

they derseve to sit down and relax . and to stand thier and be harrased by people calling you every name in the book just becaue you do a quick mark on thier reciept to save them money from thiefs who do steal from walmart its not an easy job i hated door greeting i was almost hit by a customer one day just because i polietly asked to mark thier receipt . next time you want to harass someone just for doing thier job stop a minute and think well what if i was in thier shoes how would that make me feel to be treated that way ?

the people you need to express your feelings to are the main managers at these walmart stores the employees are just doing what they are told so they can get a paycheck every two weeks to feed thier families and pay bills like everyone else in this world . now if the door greeter calls you a thief and is rude then you have a right to be angry i would if that would of happend to me and tell management .

@current employee

Thanks for proving my point. As I stated greeters are usually placed by organizations because they are physically or mentally disabled.

With your spelling and grammar it is obvious you have some sort of learning disability and were placed in this store from the organization that specializes in your disability. I do not agree that people should call greeters every name in the book, they cannot help how they are born. People need to treat greeters with respect, and not abuse them because they are disabled, if they physically threatened you and harassed you because you are mentally disabled than it is against the law and a hate crime. However you have to understand not everyone likes being asked for their receipt.

Also greeter is not a job, it is a volunteer position since you are not paid.

I am sorry that you were mistreated and had to quit, however you should have told the manager that people were harassing you for being disabled. I normally show my receipt to the greeter, because it makes them feel good for doing their job though they are mentally disabled, however I was annoyed when I had my hands full and the greeter asked me for a receipt.


Personally, I like shopping at Wal-mart. I can find just about anything I want there.

And as far as being stopped to have my receipt checked - it doesn't bother me. By having door greeters, Walmart is providing more jobs and also employing the disabled. It ain't always about just one aspect of one person's or another's being.

Get over yourself. :cry


Merchants like Wal-mart lose millions of dollars a year due to shoplifting. I sometimes shop at a nearby Wal-mart and I remember the day last year when the greeter first stopped me to check my bags.

They had just had an attempted shoplifting of over $600 in groceries. If checking the receipts lowers the potential for thieves, thereby keeping my purchase priced lower, PLEASE check the receipts.

I also remember watching the customer in front of me at Ross attempt to leave the store with several chains, still tagged, around her neck that she tried to shoplift.

I walked over to another register and gave them the description; they arrested her after she left the building. I would rather have low prices, so I'm all for those policy changes!


I think what the person might be saying it is not just when they are leaving the store. It is while entering that the door greeters are stopping them when all they have is the purse and possibly a child with a toy.

If that be the case then the employee should place a small sticker stating that the item was brought into the store. See that is the biggest problem with the door greeters. They are not doing there job and doing it the proper way. If a person or a child with an adult brings something into the store then it should be tagged so that they do not get accused for steraling when the go to leave after checkout.

That same door greeter may not be at the door when you go to leave and I believe that is where the whole problem is. These retail stores need to come up with a better system for when children or adults bring in items that are not just for returns but to carry with them they need to find a way to tag then so they do not get accused for stealing when they leave. I also agree they need security guards at all the doors at the walmarts instead of just standard people who do not care about there jobs. The door greeters I know have always left the door for any unknown reason unattended and people are still going by in and out and the door greeters just let them go right on by even if the buzzer goes off.

They really need to train there door greeters to serve the customers better or hire a security company to do the job as the door greeters. The walmart I shop treats everyone like a criminal before you even get a cart to start shopping it does not matter which door you enter. Now these door greeters when they shop other places they get treated better than what they treat the customer when they are on the clock at there own job. Some do not even belong as door greeter because these accuse you before you even shop or stare at you to make you think you are a criminal before shopping and watch and stare at you while you are in the store shopping.

Then they are not watching the door like they are suppose to and let other customer who are trying to steal. steal from the profits of their paycheck. Cashiers are really no better. They cause just as much grief as the door greeters half the time.

Walmart and other retail stores need to learn to mind there pdq's and manners. They need a special course in how to treat others better than themselves. That is an actual quote from the scriptures somewhere.

Do unto others as you have them do unto you. And that is what these retail stores need to take on as there motto to serve the county and be a better communtiy in which to shop in.


I go through cart inspection myself every time I go to a store and I am not bothered by it either. I go up to the employee and show him/her my receipt and my bags even without her asking me to.

I am not even the slightest bit embarrassed if the alarm goes off on me. It happens to everyone at some point in time.

I've worked in retail long enough to understand why profits can go down and how that does effect everyone else. So, really, it does not wear on everyone.


I do have 3 Wal-marts in my city as well as 1 Sams Club.

I have been a police officer for 31 years and so I do make a TAD bit more than $6.00 an hour.

And YES, I go through this cart inspection every time I shop there and it doesn't bother me one bit.

I have also responded to this store for shoplifters that were caught.

If you do not like it, you are free to shop elsewhere

Terry has spoken

Wake up America :p


Sorry, I've got to agree with Terry. Just because the employee is asking to see your receipt does not mean that they are calling you a thief.

They are just doing their job just the security guard at Target is. I'd say that every Walmart does this already so I think they know how they like it as they have already stated that they do not care.

Odds are, every company has a policy that you won't or don't like. I don't know about you but I'd rather save money.


Because, that's not how customers should be treated. I've never stole or been caught stealing as your suggesting, I don't care what you say it's *** ridiculous.

You talk big now, but it wears on anyone that is NOT doing anything wrong to be treated that way, so *** YOU ***

I guess when your local $hit-mart starts this, see how you like it.

Obviously your both $6.00 an hour Wally world employees.