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I am writing this review to inform all readers of this site of the deplorable service I received at Walmart store #05233 at 5675 W 6200 S in West Valley City, Utah on July 1, 2014.

To begin, I was on a long trip with my family when our 2011 Toyota Sienna showed that it needed oil service. Being from out of town I went to a national chain, hoping it would be a location I could trust. I asked for a basic service, listed on the chart as being $31.88. When I returned after a half hour, the bill was $37.57, before taxes. Upon questioning the workers as to why this was the case, I was forced to wait an additional 30 minutes while they tracked down the department manager. Apparently they had to pull our style of filter off the shelf and use more than the regular amount of oil, which made the service more expensive.

This all would have been fine, except they failed to inform me of the additional price. The manager violated the second “Pledge” to customers found on the back of my receipt, “We will not exceed the estimated cost of services without your permission.” No one called me, though they had my phone number on file. When I brought up the fact that they had the make and model of my van and should have been able to know from the beginning that my oil change would exceed the price of a typical change, I was told that “the same make and model of vehicle could have many different types of oil filters.” A quick google search proved that statement to be a lie, as can be seen here: While some dimensions may be slightly different, all the filters shown are of the paper variety, and none of them are the typical screw-on cartridge that are kept in the back room.

Three days later, my wife noticed oil under the van, so I took it back to have it checked. When I arrived, I explained that the van was leaking oil and that it never had before. The manager (the same one that lied to me previously) was extremely rude and condescending as he agreed to check to make sure the problem was with their work. The technicians that originally serviced my vehicle had stripped out the gasket in the filter, broke the oil cap, and bent part of the valve cover (which I only discovered upon having the van re-serviced once I got home). The manager dealt with those issues for free, but continued his rude and condescending manner, treating me like I was at fault for his crew’s shoddy work.

Once I returned home, I took the van to my local dealership to have it checked out and make sure that further damage was not done. It was here that they told me about the bent valve cover, as well as the fact that the technicians used the wrong grade of oil, which could have done even more damage to the engine in the long run. Therefore, I had to pay $57.80 to have everything done again, but this time correctly.

In sum, these were the problems with my service:

Overcharged without my consent.

Lied to about ability to determine filter style, and thereby price before service began.

Broken oil cap

Bent valve cover

Incorrectly installed filter

Deceitful, inept, disrespectful manager.

As I understand it, changing the oil on a vehicle is supposed to be one of the simplest procedures for a garage to perform. It is ridiculous that my experience was so poor. I will never shop at any Walmart ever again, and I will be telling everyone I know how terribly I was treated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I hate that company.

They force their employees to get food stamps, have been caught forcing people to work unpaid overtime, hire illegals for pennies an hour for their night crews, destroy small businesses, are racist and sexist.....on and on and on.

One of the most money making businesses ever and don't pay their employees enough to feed themselves.


this is the typical walmart experience. just be glad the engine didn't explode on your way home. I would never go to walmart for an oil change or any kind of work on my car and I guess you have now gotten that same message!!