San Jose, California
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Bought a turkey. When we cooked it, it smelled off.

Tasted worse. WalMart refused a refund because I had two previous returns. We spend about $700 a month on groceries in WalMart. Not now.

There are many other stores who want our business and they will now get it. WalMart doesn't sell anything that someone else doesn't and the price different isn't that much. Wish I could return the tv and computer we bought there.

Sad when a company puts $14 before customer satisfaction. No long trust the safety of their food department.

Product or Service Mentioned: Turkey.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Without a receipt, Walmart will indeed cut you off after a couple returns.


Why do you think your not spending $700 there is going to make them broke. It takes them less than a minute to make your the amount you spend in a month.

What you are forgetting to do is tell us that you did not have a receipt all three times, which makes you sound immature because you are not telling the whole truth. Then again wanting to return the television and computer because you do not want to follow the rules is immature.