Jasper, Alabama

Went to buy a tv from Walmart this evening (7pm). Not a late hour.

Just a regular time. I picked out my tv and asked an associate if I could purchase it. He scanned the item and then went to the back to retrieve it. The tv was on a top rack.

I was told the guy with the fork lift license could not get to it till the next morning. I work in the morning and will not be back. I will drive an hour to Best Buy or Target in Fultondale tommorow after work. Walmart will not get my cash.

The guy could have been honest and said the fork lift guy is a lazy *** and will not do any work tonight. I would have taken that a little better than the, don't bother the fork lift guy, he doesn't have time for you right now.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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I used to work there. In fact I may have been the very one to tell you that.

Trucks are unloaded from 4PM until 1AM. There is no room in the back to get to tvs. That wasnt our fault its just how it is. The forklift guys not a lazy *** just being honest.

If theres ten pallets blocking the way then how am I supposed to get your tv? Its an inconvenience but the managers choose all that. So essentially its not my fault nor the forklift operator, its simply bad scheduling of trucks by management.

Never understood why they unload during peak hours when I worked there. Left to find better things.


There are tons of complaints about Walmart, and for VERY good reasons. First of all, Walmarts employees usually don't say hello, even if you say hello first. If they have to tell you how to do something, they're just plain rude. God help you if you have to return something.

The Service Center Gestapo, thinks they rule the world, and these vicious little witches, need to be pumping gas at some gas station. And management? The lesson THEY NEED TO LEARN, is even more serious. Rationing out STARVATION WAGES, goes on, while Walmart Management and others at the top, enjoy lavish salaries, perks, and other programs that cater to their every whim. The slave wages, and 20 hour work weeks, they force on the poor workers, are not only CRIMINAL, but Walmart's latest advertising, boasts how much they do for poverty. Adding insult to injury--- what a pile of manure, and WHAT A DEPLORABLE LIE!!!!

Walmart IS THE REASON why there's so much poverty in this country.

Paying barely over MINIMUM WAGES, while Management, loads their pockets, along with the zoo-full of animals, at the corporate top, grabbing millions of dollars, for themselves. When the poor slaves working at Walmart, who want to make more than $8 an hour, and beg for a raise, and Walmart management, tells them no, and tells them instead, to go to their local Dept of Social Services, and ask for food stamps, HEAP, and other assistance---costing the US Economy over 8 BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY, WHILE WALMART MANAGEMENT, AND TOP OFFICIALS, LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.

Then Walmart makes other countries rich, while they help to completely destroy, jobs in the United States, while importing PROVEN TAINTED FOODS, OTHER DEADLY TOXIC PRODUCTS, LIKE LITTLE CHILDRENS' TOYS, LOADED WITH LEAD AND OTHER CONTAMINANTS, AND CHEAP JUNK THAT FALLS APART IN THE SLIGHTEST WIND! Welcome to Walmart!


Do amazon. they deliver right to your front door!!

and the prices are about the same. If you find a price at any other store cheaper call them and let them know they often do better by 10%!!