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Walmart you suck!!! u never have anything you advertise .I tryed to buy a 50 inch TV and of course you did not have it like advertised.

So I decided I would go with a 55 inch that you did have. It was $200 more than I had planned on spending so I tried to put it on layaway and put $350 down I was told I had to pay the other

$400 by the 15th of December or be penalized I could've had it paid off by the 20th of December.

I'm done with all Walmarts in the country I will live better without Chinese made outlet stores.. I am going to best buy from now on!!!

Reason of review: Not as described.

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IF you read the ad thoroughly you would have known that it said, not all items available in all stores or something to that effect.

Orange, California, United States #912109

How come most of these reviews look as if they are written by a first grader?

to KevinRichards Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #912220

Their mother is not here to supervise them. All I can think of.

Sometimes such devices should be taken away.

They either can't spell or they can't read. Which is obviously the case here.

to realm188 Orange, California, United States #912326

This site is funny, remember that mother who claimed to verbally abuse her children, now she is creating several different accounts to make it look like people are sticking up for her. How pathetic is that. She just will not admit to child abuse.

to KevinRichards Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #912433

She is insane with identity issues. Hopefully such actions do not rub off on her kids.

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