Orlando, Florida
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I'm so disappointed, i bought a tv at walmart.com, so a few days later the send me an email saying my financial institution did not allowed my transaction go through. I called my bank and they said walmart reversed the payment.

So i call walmart and they're like, or it didn't pass one of our safety points. The reason they did it was because they raised the price on the tv, so they remove it from my cart.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Lol, people make me laugh with all their suspicions and paranoia.


Walmart is great for trying to do this to their customers !! They reversed the payment then there isn't any thing they can do because when you run a debit or credit card it's automatically taken from your account right then !

They wouldn't let you leave the store with the merchandise other wise !

They are great rip off artist !! F