This Is The Second TV I Have Gotten From Walmart In Last 5 Years And After A Few Years It Has Stopped Working The First One Was A Emerson No Picture They Said It Was Fine After A Few Months After The Warranty Ran Out It Stopped Working This One The Sound Went Out With The Economy The Way It Is I Have Had To Put A Warranty On This One TO So TIRED Off Poor Quality Work....From Overseas If Walmart Is Selling Refurbished TVs We Need To Be Told When We Buy Them They Are Not Cheap By Any Means.

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BigBruce basically said everything that I would say. and then Shane added the last part.


Seriously...you expected your EMERSON television to last more than a couple of years? Walmart is the seller, not the manufacturer, you ***.

Who capitalizes every word? That's just strange.

Get a life.


1) Wal-Mart does sell Sony, Samsung, and LG TVs, but you settled for an Emerson. It's your fault that you are so CHEAP. You buy cr@p you get cr@p.

2) It Is Not Necessary To Capitalize Every Single Word.

3) No one ever solved anything with a run-on sentence.

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