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This place is a joke. Not only is it trashy as f$#%, but I waited for over 30 minutes at customer service to return photos - the manager had to come and help the lady after she dinked around for 10 minutes trying to touch every button on the screen with no idea what to do.

Then the manager shows up to help and didn't even read the full order and was only going to return half of the photo book (wtf) - then after spending 15 minutes trying to make the return, disappeared to go ask how to return my photos. After standing around for 20 minutes wondering where the manager went, I decided I'd had enough and left.

Not only did my photos and photo book from Walmart.com show up wrong - but the print order (600+ photos) shows up incorrect (where are the 5x7's I paid for?) and the photo book arrives with the front cover image wrapped around the spine of the book. First the photo order is completely botched, then I have the luxury of the sh*ty experience returning the photos when they f#&D them up.

My business with Walmart is done. DONE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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You shuld go to youtube and watch the video called sheboon gets tazed. reminds me of walmart

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