Burkesville, Kentucky

I spent over $100 at Walmart I shop there sometimes twice a week. As I was headed to the door but before I got to the scanners I was stopped by two store employees I had a $8 bottle of Tylenol still in the back of my basket I had failed to pay for I was taken to the office.

Treated like a shoplifter. A few weeks later I get a bill in the mail from Walmart for $200 it said they were allowed to "fine shoplifters" I did not intend to steal their Tylenol and it's not shoplifting until you are out the door.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I work in LP for another company. The only way that you would have been apprehended is if you did this before.

People who simply forget to pay for items are not usually caught. Most of them are honest and bring back the item the next time they come, or before they leave the parking lot. I have posted something about this earlier on but the administrators removed it. I guess this means they support thieves?

Anyways if you were caught you have done this before. This is how shoplifters work. First you start off with a small cheap item, you get away with it and get more bold. This is not the first time you forgot to pay for the items, and they don't stop you before you leave the store.

You were stopped after you left the store.


You are obviously the *** who stopped me. How else would you know that I was stopped after I left the store when I told them I was stopped before getting past the scanners.

The only way you would have known was if you were the one that stopped me. People make mistakes. I had a lot of items and accidentally put the Tylenol in my reusable shopping bag. You know the cloth ones.

I did not know that the Tylenol was in my bag because my knitting was inside it as well and the bottles must have slipped to the bottom. Yeah I have taken things home without paying for them before but that too was unintentional. However regardless of whether I paid for it or not, once it is out of the store it is mine.

It is your company's job to stop me(nicely as sometimes people make mistakes).


I'm curious. Did you intend to turn around at the last minute and go back to the register and pay for the Tylenol? Or were you going to continue right out the front door had they not stopped you?