Farmington, Michigan

I was shopping at the WalMart in Kalamazoo Michigan and had approximately 20 items both food, clothing and other items. However, when using the U-Scan register the items rang up higher that labled and sometimes repeated prices in duplicate.

Most customers there were complaining of the same thing and the sales attendant (male) said I think I'm going to shut them down "they been doing this all day". He came over three times to remove charges that were wrong. Nevertheless, when the register printed my receipt, I was overcharged over $17.00. The sales attendant said "I thought I took those over charges off, but now you have to go to customer service".

This unessary episode cost my Money and Time (the line was quite long). Customer service admitted the errors and that they had numerous complaints, but I never got even an apology. I may go to WalMart again but it won't be anytime soon! WalMart needs to stop scamming their customers, Yes, I believe this is deliberate.

Can anyone do something maybe 20/20 can air this report.


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If they repeated the prices in duplicate you scanned them twice, get mommy to help you scan your items.


Woooow you sound ridiculously ***. Is the poor guy supposed to just magically know that he missed something?

He took the time to make sure you didn't get over charged on your receipt. It's a machine, machines mess up, if you don't like it then go to an actual register next time and quit complaining. I work on U-scan at another store and it's hard. You have to run all those registers, the walmart has like 8 of them, and if all the machines are messing up at once the poor guys got 8 people yelling at him and wanting his help.

Then people get all pissed off and it's like what do you want me to do I'm only one person and the store I worked at only has 4 U-scans! Couldn't imagine having to run 8 at once!


This person sounds like he is six years old. Perhaps he is.

Mommy should be helping him so he does not miss anything. Mommy could also have kept a check on his bad behavior.